Write a memo to your instructor with the answers to these questions or be prepared to discuss your answers.

1.What features would you look for on the switches you purchase for this design? Explain why you would want each feature. Do you need to include any other devices in this design? Write a memo to your instructor with the answers to these questions or be prepared to discuss your answers.2.The CNT Books network described in Case Project 8-1 is expanding. There are 200 more user stations in the building, and a total of five floors are in use by the network. You have kept up with the design so far with a network of five subnets, each with its own router. The company leased a building across the street. You expect at least four subnets to be added to the design. The owner is concerned about how to connect to the building across the street, as he thinks the cost of contracting with a communications provider is too expensive for such a short distance. What solution can you suggest for connecting the building across the street with the existing building?3.Three years later, you’re still consulting for CNT Books. The network has more than 15 subnets and 10 routers in several buildings and locations. You have been keeping up with the network by configuring the routers statically. However, users have had problems with downtime in the past year because of network links going offline, as there’s only one route to reach every subnet. The owner wants fault tolerance built into the network to include backup links in case a primary link goes offline. You’re concerned that the current router configuration method will still cause some downtime, even if the backup links operate correctly. Why might there be downtime if a primary link goes offline but the backup link is okay? What can you do to reduce the possibility of downtime?

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Give a flannel board presentation.

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