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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract

The main purpose of a dissertation abstract should be to create reader’s interest in your research. First of all, it should answer the following question: Why Should I read this?


Let us now processed further by explaining the two types of dissertation abstracts that are as follows:


1) Descriptive (Length: 100 Words)

It typically foretells the theme (purpose and scope) of the research with the help of keywords.


2) Informative (Length 250-300 Words)

This kind of abstract offers a detailed first look at the main findings, methodology, and arguments that you have primarily focused on during the research.


In order to successfully write a dissertation abstract, you should consider following tips:

♦ Generally, the dissertation abstract should be no more than one paragraph.

♦ It should be organized as well as maintain a flow from one sentence to another.

♦ Keep on evaluating your work in order to write a 100-300 words masterpiece at the end.

♦Try to cover each chapter of your research.

♦ Avoid putting citations in this section because it does not go well with readers and overall gives a negative impact.

♦ Your language should be straightforward and free of any ambiguity.

♦ Know your audience well: This does not mean your intended audience but all those people who will be using your work for research purposes. Therefore, be sure to use simple English.


A Final Word

There is no one formulae fits all situation; hence, you have to master the art of writing a perfect abstract and the only way to do is to practice it. Remember, it acts as a first impression of your research work, so it has to be well thought out.

After you are done writing the dissertation abstract, go through it again. If it lacks the main crux of your research then keep on editing till you are sure about it.


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