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Dissertation Proposal Format

The art of a writing dissertation proposal format undergoes a very undeviating process. It starts from a comprehensive introduction, which further leads to the main body where you explain aims and objectives of the subject matter. In the end, you have to offer a conclusion, which usually points out the strengths and weaknesses of the research.


Dissertation Proposal Format is Explained below

1) Introduction

The introduction of a dissertation proposal layout should serve as a framework for your particular research. In addition to providing a background, it also sheds light on the hypothesis as well as putting emphasis as to why your research contributes to the respective field.


2) Main Body

The main body of the proposal comprises of the following key sections:

i) Methodology

This section contains all the research methods that you have used to gather data.

ii) Aims and Objectives

It will highlight all the key points that you are trying to explore in your field. This part should explain why you have chosen this area of study and all the queries that you have in mind.

iii) Literature Review

In a literature review, you connect your ongoing research with the ones that have already been published. It enables you to find similarities and differences of your work with the previous search.

iv) Limitations

In this part, you are supposed to highlight any possible challenges that you might face during your research.

v) Ethical Considerations

You have to make sure that you have considered all ethical concerns that might arise during your research.

vi) Time Frame

Most importantly, you have to provide a clear time frame in which you will deliver your work to the supervisor.


3) Conclusion

This can be regarded as the main component of a dissertation proposal layout. This part will act as a quick recap of what you did and your aspiration into choosing this topic. Furthermore, it should also include whether you were able to reach the intended results or more research needs to be conducted.

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