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Essay Structure

The Importance of Essay Structure – How to Write an Essay Like a Pro

In order for the essay to make sense, be convincing, and be interesting to your readers, it needs to be properly structured. The essay structure is essential if you want to present your ideas and words in a logical way and make them understandable and readable for the readers.


How to properly structure your essay? The general essay structure includes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

• The introduction is where you need to present the main idea of your essay. It should contain a brief summary of your main points or arguments made in the essay.

• The body should contain two or three paragraphs where you will present the facts and information that support your argument. Keep in mind that the purpose of each paragraph is to explain the point or argument made in the introduction. When it comes to the size of the paragraphs you should know that there are no strict rules. They should be neither too long neither too short (between 4 and 8 sentences).

• The conclusion should sum up shortly what your arguments prove. It is important for your conclusion to be clear and strong in order to leave a powerful impact on the readers.

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