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Research Proposal Writing

Having difficulties with writing a research proposal? Use our step-by-step guidance and learn how to write like a pro! If you still have troubles – hire research proposal writing assistance.


What is a Research Proposal and How to Write One?

A research proposal is known as an outline that is designed to present a clear and concise question and proper approach used to support your proposed project. It is a document that is usually written to describe the arguments and ideas for an examination on a specific topic.

Every research proposal should present that you are truly engaging in a legitimate query, link your proposed project with the project of others, establish a theoretical orientation, determine a methodological approach, and demonstrate that you have thought about the moral issues.


The main purpose of the research proposal is to present the reasons why there is a need to study a specific research issue and at the same time present solutions to how this exact research proposal can help.


When it comes to research proposal writing you should know that the procedure is similar to writing a standard research paper. Commonly the research proposal consists of 7 parts. The first part is the introduction where you need to present your idea. The next part is background & significance where you need to present the context of the research problem. The third part is the literature review where you need to present reviews from previous studies and projects that are related to your research problem. The next part is research design & methods where you need to convince your readers of your proposal using accurate and legitimate arguments. The fifth part is preliminary suppositions and implications where you need to give exact answers on how you think your research will process. The next step is the conclusion where you need to present a short summary of your entire proposal. The last part is citations where you will have to cite the different sources you utilized to gather information.


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