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Dissertation Structure – Empirical Study

Empirical Study Dissertation is heavily reliant on empirical research and it makes use of a very basic structure.


Empirical Study Dissertation Structure

It is listed below:

Abstract – It is usually the summary that provides an overview of what you have done and what your findings are on the specific subject.

Introduction – The introduction is used to describe the details of the research topic you have chosen to focus on. You should mention why you chose this topic and how your dissertation will further strengthen the findings of the previous research conducted on the same topic. The ideal approach is to include the research question in the introduction.

Literature Review & Policy Context – The literature review should have details about the literature that relates to your research topic and how it connects with the policy context. This part of the empirical study is very important because it evaluates the earlier work in the sector, solutions provided before, and the limitations involved. You can use policy documents as well as legislation to support your answers.

Methodology & Research Methods – In this section, you have to list the methods you have used in your empirical study. You should back your methods by supportive statements and explain how they relate to the research question. In short, you have to list all the sources (questionnaires, interviews, surveys, etc.) you have used to gather valuable information related to the subject.

Results – The results can be described in different ways depending on whether your research used qualitative or quantitative methods. Always make different sections for discussions and conclusions to give a professional look to the document. It is vital to give possible reasons for your conclusion and what helped you to reach a conclusion. If you want, you can also give a forecast for the future research.

This is a very basic format you can use for your empirical study.

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