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Writing Thesis or Dissertation Conclusion

The importance of an engaging and exclusive dissertation conclusion cannot be ignored. It is an excellent opportunity for you to clearly present the coherent perceptive of your particular subject.


In the dissertation conclusion, you have to be sure that you present your rational view and are crystal clear about the findings.


Parts of a Dissertation Conclusion

The section of your paper has to be well developed because an incomplete dissertation conclusion will show that you have not conducted a proper and thorough research. Furthermore, this also shows a lack of proficiency while writing a dissertation or a thesis paper.


Here, an important thing to note is that conclusion section of your dissertation should contain following points:

♦ Did the outcomes match your proposed theory?

♦ Recommendations for future research in the respective field.

♦ The limitations in the field of study (this includes availability of required resources)


What to Remember?

The perfect dissertation conclusion is supposed to be comprehensive yet explain all relevant views (with evidence) to support it. Moreover, the information given should be clear with a vivid sentence structure. This will help in showing your audience that you had command of your research subject and you knew what you were doing.


Before you finalize the dissertation conclusion, it is important to provide a brief overview of whatever you have proposed along with presenting strength and weakness of the thesis.

♦ The most crucial part is that the conclusion should be in alignment with the crux of the whole research.

♦ The validity of your research will be proven by the type of questions you have highlighted and whether you tried to answer those acquisitions.


A Final Word

Lastly, while finalizing things, do not go all the way around proposing anything new at the end. A conclusion should showcase your personal thoughts, and thus focus on the knowledge that you have received during the whole process. So, keeping this in mind, you should concentrate on two major things that include possible dead ends and research that can be carried out in the future.

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