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Dissertation Proposal

What is a Dissertation Proposal?

This kind of proposal is essential in preparing the researcher for writing, the last major academic paper in his or her study life. It is supposed to commence your dissertation by allowing you to control it right from the beginning, and that too, without any fear.


How to Write a Dissertation Proposal?

The key to writing a dissertation proposal is to decide and finalize the following aspects in a linear manner:

♦ Deciding a subject to research

♦ Focusing on a research query

♦ Methodology to gather data

♦ Analyzing facts and figures

♦ Finalizing the data


What to Remember?

It is quite crucial to check out your university’s requirements so that you can start working on it as soon as possible.


Importance of a Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal shows you a map of how you can easily conduct your research after following a pattern. Once you know how you will conduct it, it becomes easier for you to get going without any main hurdles.


Choosing a Dissertation Proposal

An important factor to consider before choosing your dissertation proposal is that you have to look for a topic that is not very broad. Along with that, you must also skip all those subjects that are not applicable in the modern times.


You can also look for following aspects to conduct a narrower search:

♦ Is the source outdated?

♦ Is there any factual discrepancy?

♦ Is the methodology accurate?

♦ Is there any possible ethical concern?


Choosing Sources/References

There are few important factors to look for before choosing your sources, some of which are listed below:

♦ Title of the Article, Book or Journal

♦ Author’s Name

♦ Chapter Title

♦ Editor( If any)

♦ Name of the publisher

♦ Date published

♦ URL (in case of web sources)


A Final Word

The information given in the article should give you some ideas as to how you can make a dissertation proposal; however, you can always ask your supervisor for more necessary recommendations. Thus, feel free to contact us and place your order on the dissertation.

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