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Dissertation Results Section

The cornerstone of every research is compiling your dissertation results after completing a nerve wrecking research. This article will step by step guide you on how you can nail the dissertation results section in case of both qualitative and quantitative data.


Quantitative Results

The most important part is to remember what you have assessed till now and point out the variables. After that, you have to jot down the types of variables, continuous or categorical. The next step will be to report frequent or descriptive statistics and highlight all variables that have been used in your research.

Lastly, you should head straight to the dissertation results section in order to determine the results of a variable analysis. Here, you have to determine whether two of the variable (dependent or continuous) relate to each other.


Regression Analysis

During a quantitative research, a regressive analysis shows if all the assumptions were true or there needs to be more research.


Qualitative Results

The dissertation results section of a typical qualitative data will be less difficult as there is no hardcore statistical analysis involved. Firstly, you have to determine what kind of research you have conducted. The chances are that it lies within the categories of observations, interviews or focus groups.


The Dissertation Results Comprises three Types as explained below:


In case you have undergone semi-structured interview then the data will be analyzed by through thematic analysis.


This task involves the observation of a certain behaviour or settings. In order to conclude this type of data, you need to outline your observation(s), categories them and then separately comment on each.

Focus Groups

This category requires you to distribute your questionnaire within a particular group of people rather than random persons.


A Final Word

Both quantitative and qualitative data require you to thoroughly analyze the data, arrange them into categories and then compute the results. The latter might seem more difficult but with proper guidance, you can conduct them quite efficiently.

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