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Thesis Writing

A thesis is a usually a large essay but shorter than a dissertation. It involves the personal research by the candidate and the main reason of thesis writing is to get a university degree. Effective thesis writing, as opposed to dissertation writing, is not a difficult process. If you keep it simple and follow some simple tips, you can easily write a great thesis.


Tips for Effective Thesis Writing

Following are some useful tips you can use to write a thesis.


Collect Resources

Before writing a thesis, you have to collect a great number of materials for your research. The best approach is to go through the thinking stage where you can take out time to plan ideas for your future research project. It will allow you to create a proper plan that you can follow later on. If you like, you can list your ideas.


Rely on Your Capabilities

While writing a thesis, you will encounter so many ideas from different people. No doubt that some of the ideas will be very effective and helpful, but you should be able to estimate your own potential capabilities. It is advisable not to take the extra burden on your shoulders else it will affect the quality of your work.


Get Approval

Once you have collected the data, you should get it approved by your supervisor. They will analyze it entirely and let you know if you are good to go. After their approval, you can take two or three well-organized theses and use them as a model for the format and writing style.


Start Writing

One of the best tips for thesis writing is to just write what you have in your mind related to the certain topic. You should not worry about the order; just write what you feel you can write the best.


Thesis Structure

♦ Copyright Disclaimer

♦ Statement or Declaration

♦ Title or Introductory Page

♦ Summary

♦ Credits

♦ Table of contents

♦ Introduction

♦ Literature review

♦ Final chapter, references, and appendices

o   Final Results and suggestions for further work

o   References

o   Appendix

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