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Dissertation Structure – Literature Based Dissertation

A dissertation structure depends on the type of dissertation you are writing.


For a literature based dissertation, a basic dissertation structure is as follows:


Abstract or Summary –The abstract or summary simply gives an overview of what you have done and what are the conclusions.


Introduction – For a literature based dissertation, the introduction should be very strong. This is where you have to draw the attention of the readers. It should include the research topic you are focusing on as well as the research question. You should also mention the need for choosing this topic and how it will enhance the previous research conducted on the same topic. If you find it necessary, you can also include the issues you are going to highlight through the dissertation.


Methods Used – It is most likely a short section that should give the details of the types of resources you have used to gather all the information. No matter if you have used the internet, press reports, legislation, magazines, or any other sources, you should list them all. It will also help you highlight the limitations. For example, the information available on different sites cannot be considered as true if there is no credible source listed.


Analysis of Literature – In this section, you should critically examine and analyze the theory, concepts, and the body of the research. Moreover, you can always analyze any literature used that relates to your research question. The ideal approach is to evaluate the previous work as well to support your answers and present how it adds value to your current work.


Conclusions & Discussions – These can be two different sections, however, if you want, you can add the information in different subheadings as well. You should list the conclusion you have drawn using the information and support your answers well.

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