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Writing Dissertation Literature Review

Before writing dissertation literature review, you have to consider the following points so that you don’t skip anything in the process.


Gather Samples while Writing Dissertation Literature Review

You need to collect some relevant literature reviews and get to know about themes that have been researching. This will allow you to open windows in order to frame your kind of research.


Finalize a Simple Concept

During your research, you will find thousands of key perspectives that might look like a possible topic for research. However, not everything can be investigated using a linear method so, be vigilant in choosing a significant research area.


Use Up to Date Resources

In fields of math and science, you are specifically required to use current findings. This case applies to almost all types of fields because if you use old reviews you might be putting forward an outdated concept. Therefore, it would be wise to choose advanced literature for analytical purposes.


Gear up for Organizing the Themes

The art of organizing your work goes way far than writing an introduction, body or conclusion for that matter. During this time, you will be analyzing different kinds of texts so you should be absolutely clear before you write down counter-arguments.

♦ Your initial structure should be brief and focused. It should help you to pinpoint the arguments as well as a well-thought-out process that goes in relation to these arguments.

♦ The focal point of your literature should be an in-depth analysis of all the sources that you have put in place.


Paragraphs of the Body

If you will divide the main body of your dissertation literature review into different paragraphs, it will be beneficial for you in case you have multiple themes.



This part will include a summary which must include implications for the literature review.


A Final Word

To sum it up, you need to get yourself familiar with the do’s and don’ts of academic writing so that you can conveniently write a dissertation literature review.

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