It is quite normal to come across two terms: Master thesis & dissertation. These are used interchangeably and confuse a lot of students. However, in some countries, the use of these two terms has been fixed. The term thesis is specified to the final project in Graduate or Master’s level program while dissertation is used for the final project of Ph.D.


Master’s Thesis: General Tips

A Master’s thesis is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a master’s degree from any university. The purpose of this thesis is to utilize the skills you have learned during the degree program and show your competence. With that being said, it is obvious that writing a master’s thesis is not an easy task to do. You have to make sure that it is up to the mark and according to the standards of your university. Although as compared to a dissertation a master’s thesis is quite short, it requires a lot of hard work and time.


In order to write a master’s thesis effectively, you have to follow some simple steps. Here we will discuss them one by one briefly.


Selecting a Topic

Choosing the topic for your master’s thesis is the main foundation of your entire project. Being a student, you will be allowed to choose the topic on your own. However, it is mandatory to get it approved by the instructor or the educational institute. Make sure the topic you are choosing has easily available information, otherwise, your work will become more hectic.


Finding an Advisor

Once you have decided the topic, it is time to look for an advisor who could direct you and guide you through the writing process. They will work closely with you in drafting a plan and explain the issues associated with it.


Structure of the Thesis

Master’s thesis varies in structure depending on the chosen topic and the subject. It is advisable to follow the format that suits your topic well.