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Master’s Dissertation

A master’s dissertation is usually the final project a graduate student must undertake in order to acquire the Master’s degree. It is a formal document that needs to be submitted to the academic instructor. As compared to a thesis, it is a longer document that should follow a strict format. However, the style of master’s dissertation can vary depending on the topic and the subject. The best benefit of writing a master’s dissertation is to get used to for the upcoming challenges you might face during the submission of doctorate dissertation.


Writing a Master’s dissertation

A doctoral dissertation is all about conducting a research and contributing to something new. Usually, a dissertation is about working on a topic that has not been touched or discussed earlier. Even if there is some work done on it before, it is not adequate and there is still room for more. On the other hand, a master’s dissertation is about conducting research on a specific topic and giving own views on the subject matter as well.


In simple words, a master’s dissertation is a document that deals with everything you have learned during the completion of the Master’s degree program. It should include the following list of items:

♦ Abstract

♦ Introduction

♦ Literature Review

♦ Justification of the informative data

♦ Conclusion


Aims of Master’s dissertation

Following are some of the objectives of writing a dissertation for students:

♦ It allows students to implement theories, concepts, and notions that they have learnt during the degree completion program.

♦ Create a fusion of previously learned theories with new learnings.

♦ Develop the ability to define, design, and produce error-free research project.

♦ Proof of having appropriate knowledge of graduate level and how they can use it for proving a point at an advanced level.


It is always recommended to write a Master’s dissertation so that you can prepare well for future challenges. You can read about how to write the literature review of your dissertation for more tips. 

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