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Dissertation Methodology

In a dissertation, the methodology section comes right after the literature review. The dissertation methodology focuses on the research methods you have used to collect the data. The methodology describes the wide philosophical information you have used to support your chosen research methods. You should list all the sources you have used in your methods in order to reach the conclusion.


How does Dissertation Methodology Look Like?

The methodology is a very important component of a dissertation. It should be written in a way that it clearly defines the relationship between the research question, previous research, and the work you have done as part of the literature review. In short, it should clearly identify how you have reached the conclusion. The methodology section should look like:


Review of Research Question – The best approach to justify the methodology is by demonstrating that it is perfect for answering the research question. In order to do so, you should recall the research question to make it understandable for the readers. You don’t have to rephrase word to word; simple rephrasing is advisable.


Brief Description of Design – It is not a methodology, however, it is a part of the section where have to explain the process you have used to gather and analyze the data. It should be written in a way that it gives other readers clear understanding of the idea.


Background for Your Chosen Design – The methodology does not only discuss the methods you have used but the reasons as well of using them. You should support your reason with credible statements of using the methods as part of your methodology.


Types of Dissertation Methodology

Some of the common types of dissertation methodology are:

1) Scientific Study – Under this type of dissertation methodology, the study needs to put more focus on reproducibility.

2) Study in Social & Behavioural Sciences – This method should explain both reproducibility and rigour and how they relate to the social sciences.

3) Arts or Humanities – Under this type of dissertation methodology, the dissertation should be more closely related to arts or literature.

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