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Dissertation Findings and Discussion Sections

Dissertation findings and discussion section is the part where you put down all your careful investigation on a piece of paper and start preparing for a dissertation results. If done carefully, it can be the most gratifying section of the entire dissertation. The reason, dissertation findings, and discussions can open doors for further research or reach a dead end.


What to Consider?

During this process, you might have to link it to the previous search at some point. Therefore, it should demonstrate that you have covered the gaps found in previous literature.


Tips to Effectively write Dissertation Findings and Discussion Sections:

Introduction to Your Findings

You should write a brief summary that will educate your readers about how you will be carrying on the dissertation findings and discussion sections.


Important Essentials

♦ An idea of what the section will contain.

♦ The methodology used for preparing the results.


Organize your data

After the introduction part is sorted out, you should organize your data in a chronological order. This will also depend on what type of research you have conducted till now.


Qualitative Data

The best hack will be to create logical breaks by using subheadings. This will especially help you if you have introduced multiple themes in case of qualitative data.


Quantitative Data

Considering the length of the quantitative data mainly due to the statistical figures, you should scrutinize the results with the help of tables, figures, and pie charts.


Discussion Analysis

This is undoubtedly the section where your conducted research will appear more influential than other sections. It will focus on the processes by which you will structure your findings and then make a thorough analysis. It will be better not to lose focus and you should prefer highlighting the key points. This practice will make sure that your lengthy work is summed up efficiently.

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