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Types of Dissertations – A Complete Guide

A dissertation is an important document that you need to write in order to get your Ph.D. degree from a university. Just like any other type of writing, there are different types of dissertations. Each type of dissertation supports different types of study and deals with different concerns.


Three of the main types of dissertations are:

♦ Empirical

♦ Non-empirical

♦ Narrative


Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

Empirical Dissertation

An empirical dissertation is about collecting data and information. It involves visiting different places and collecting the views of the concerned people. In order to gather the information, you can use various tools like questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and observations. Once you have collected your data, you can always make comparisons to support your answers and check the credibility of the information you have arranged.


Non-empirical Dissertation

A non-empirical dissertation is ideal for those people who don’t have time to go out and make the research themselves and they are more comfortable in spending time in a library making the research. The choice of choosing non-empirical dissertation totally depends on the student. However, there are certain subjects that can only be discussed through the non-empirical dissertation. The formation should be theoretical to make it look professional and well-drafted.


Narrative Dissertation

Although the most used types of dissertation writing are empirical and non-empirical, there is another type that you can use for producing a dissertation. In many science subjects, the main focus is around a laboratory report that discusses all the aspects of setting up, undergoing, and analyzing a complex experiment. This is where narrative dissertation comes in. It does not have any fixed format and you can use it according to your needs and subject.


These are three of the main types of dissertations. You can choose whatever you are more comfortable. However, try to choose the one that suits your subject more.

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