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Dissertation Data Analysis

The dissertation data analysis section will provide the necessary reasoning you need to compile your research work before heading to recommendations/conclusion of the dissertation. Keeping this in mind, in this article, we are going to discuss 8 most important tips on writing a perfect data analysis. These tips are explained below:


Tips for writing a Dissertation Data Analysis


You should make sure that the data you are going to present is quite relevant to the research that you have done. Furthermore, you need to remember that you don’t have to fully dependent on the data that is being presented to you.



Always remember that no matter what methodology you are using, it must be able to justify the main objective of your research. Not only this, your intended audience should know that why you choose this specific method. Moreover, you have to put careful thought and insert critical thinking into finalizing the best option for dissertation data analysis.


Quantitative Work

This type of data is usually collected in technical and sociological fields where the research requires a considerate dissertation data analysis of statistical facts and figures.


Qualitative Work

On the contrary to quantitative data, a qualitative data requires less numerical data to conduct a research. Instead, it largely focuses on developing and generating deep knowledge about a specific subject matter.



In order to support your viewpoint and its relevance to the literature, you must carefully analyze it with a keen eye. Most importantly, it should point out the limitations as well as future perspective on your findings.


Presentational Devices

The fact is you cannot represent loads of data in a brief thesis. However, this problem can easily be solved with the help of quotes, diagrams, graphs, charts, and formulas. This way you can easily sort out your data dissertation analysis.



You can organize your data analysis section in a uniform manner; this requires you to put all sample questionnaires, data sheets, focus groups into the Appendix.



While discussing your data you should focus more on patterns and any inconsistency that have a significant impact on any theme of your subject.



This is probably the most important part of your research when you put on all results collected through data dissertation analysis that is backed by facts and figures.


Relation with Literature

Before you conclude, it is recommended to compare your data with the previous search to point out the similarities and differences with your research as well as identify gaps in the respective field.

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