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Terms And Conditions


1.1    Which are the terms of use and what do they apply to?

These are the terms of use, which applies to the UniversityEssayServices.com website. These terms of use, in association with the documents that are attached and referred to in them sets out the terms on how to make use of the site. The various uses of the site include accessing, browsing and placing an order on the Site.

At UniversityEssayServices.com, were highly recommend you to read these terms and conditions carefully, since they contain your rights and obligations regarding the use of the site. Your attention is particularly drawn to clause 8 (Use of the Site; Termination and Suspension of Use), clause 9 (Use of Products), clause 10 (Plagiarism) and clause 13 (Disclaimer of Liability). For references purposes, it is recommended that you print and maintain these terms in hard copy, or you save them in your computer.

1.2 What other documents should I refer to when reading these terms of use?

These terms of use also include:

(a) The description of the Site at About Us;

(b) Our Privacy Policy

(c) Our FAQ page that contains detailed information about our services; and

(d) Our section on Guarantees which sets out in more detail our promises to you and our policy on revisions.

(e) These terms of use and the documents referred to at (I) – (IV), above are collectively referred to as “these Terms”.

These terms of use and the documents referred to at (I) – (IV), above are collectively referred to as “these Terms”.

At UniversityEssayServices.com, we consider it your obligation and responsibility to read and understand these terms, before you can use our site or place any order (as defined in clause 4(a), below) and/or payment to this Site.

1.3 What are the consequences of accessing and using the Site?

Once you have accessed and used the Site, including placing an order (as defined below) and/or payment for any Products (as defined below) available through the Site (the “Services”), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms as amended from time to time. You should not kindly use our site if you have not accepted to be bound by these conditions.

1.4 How are changes made to these Terms?

Our company, UniversityEssayServices.com may change any of these terms and conditions from time to time. Such changes may be effected if:

(a) We alter the existing services we provide

(b) We add new services to the Site; and

(c) We need to for security, regulatory or legal reasons

Once these changes have been effected, they will be posted on our site. As a result, we encourage all our clients to keep checking on the site from time to time, so as to take note of any changes.


The site is provided and registered under the laws and conditions of the United Kingdom with the company number UniversityEssayServices.com (the “company”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Our registered address is at. Any reference in these Terms to “you” or “your” means you as a guest or registered user of the Site.


(a) At “About Our Site” there is a comprehensive description of how our site works

(b) There is also a full list of the services which is currently available through the site

(c) Our company, UniversityEssayServices.com reserves the right to change the way the Site works, to withdraw any features of the Site and modify the Services from time to time without giving notice to you.

(d) Before you can use this site, make an order or make payments for any product, you must have the capacity to enter into a legal contract within the law of the jurisdiction in which you reside.


(a) It is required that you should submit a completed standard online order form, (an “Order”), so that you can be in a position to place or preview an order for any services on our site.

(b) Among other things, there are various specifications of the order, which includes the scope of work and other requirements that you have regarding an original essay, paper, and/or other written product, which is to be drafted and delivered to you in accordance with your Order (a “Product”).

(c) When placing or previewing an Order for a particular Product, you will be asked to register with the Site by providing the following information on our standard online registration form:

(i)  Specific information regarding your requirements. (e.g. the type of service you require, the academic level, information on the type of paper needed, details of the subject/discipline, citation style, and any other instructions);

(ii)  Your Personal Information (e.g. your name, e-mail address, country of residence, phone number and payment information).

(d) You are permitted to change any of your personal information, except your email address, which cannot be altered.  In case you need to alter any of your personal information, which you provided during your registration process, (“Registration Information”), it is considered your responsibility to update or change that information accordingly. Please go to Edit profile and make the required changes.


For details of how we collect, use and store your Registration Information, including your personal data and payment details, please see our Privacy Policy.


(a) During the registration process, you are required to provide your personal information- your email address and name. (One or both of which will be your username for the Site) and select a password (“account information”).

(b) You handle maintaining the privacy and security of your account information, and not disclose it to a third party.

(c) All activities and orders related to your account are considered under your responsibility. In case you suspect that someone has access to your account, then you should make a step of changing it, or contact our customer care desk.

(d) Our company reserves the right to change your password if we suspect that it is not secure. Once changed, a notification containing your new password will be sent to the email you provided during the registration process.

(e) If you forget your personal account password, UniversityEssayServices.com provides an option to reset your password provided you satisfy our security check.


(a) Once you have placed an order at UniversityEssayServices.com, you make an offer to purchase a product from our company. Until your payment is authorized and complete, the product will not be availed to you.

(b) As illustrated in the pricing section of UniversityEssayServices.com Site, the fee for the Product (“Service Fee”) is calculated and payable in advance. Therefore, we shall be under no obligation to provide our services to you until you have paid the full-service fee.

(c) If you would like to know more about UniversityEssayServices.com discount and bonus programs, please see to our FAQs.


(a)  You should individually access the site, for your own personal and non-commercial use.

(b) You should not use the UniversityEssayServices.com site, for any illegal purposes. In particular, you should not use the site for the following purposes;

(i) Dissemination of any unlawful,  defamatory, threatening, and harmful materials or otherwise breaching any laws;

(ii) Transmission of material that paves way to conduct that constitutes occurrence of criminal offense, or otherwise leads to breach of any laws, regulations as well as code(s) of practice;

(iii) Making, transmission or storage of electronic copies of materials under protection by copyright without the permission of the owner.

(c) If you breach any of UniversityEssayServices.com provisions, then you will be held liable for any costs or losses, which results from such breach.

(d) If you make a decision to access the site outside the UK, you should access it under your initiative, and you will be responsible for compliance with the local laws.

(e) If you breach any of the above terms, UniversityEssayServices.com is under the obligation of terminating your use of the site.

(f) Our Company, UniversityEssayServices.com handles suspending your access and use of the site, and investigates the position under two circumstances. These situations are; if we suspect your use of the site is undermining the lawful operation of the overall site, or it adversely affecting other customers’ usage of the site.


By making an Order and payment for UniversityEssayServices.com Product, you acknowledge that:

(a) You are ready to purchase our product for your own personal and non-commercial use only.

(b) Any information used from any Product of UniversityEssayServices.com are properly cited;

(c)  All products that are provided, are solely for the research, reference, provided by UniversityEssayServices.com are for learning as well as writing a paper in an effective manner and particularly citation style (e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.);

(d) All products described, in this case, are acquired from the freelance writers, who have the right to transfer all the ownership rights to the company, and its affiliates and partners;

(e) The service fee you make to our company is a reflection of the time and effort used in gathering, organizing, correcting, editing, posting, and delivering reference materials by UniversityEssayServices.com writers, and the administration, and advertising UniversityEssayServices.com website.

(f) With an exception of a reasonable number of copies for personal and non-commercial  use, you are not permitted to make similar copies of the Products and/or contents of UniversityEssayServices.com Site without express permission of the UniversityEssayServices.com; and

(g) Once your research/reference is complete has been completed, you are required to destroy all the associated products immediately. No copies shall be made for distribution from UniversityEssayServices.com, and no Product shall be used without proper citation.


By placing an Order and/or payment for a Product at UniversityEssayServices.com, you acknowledge and agree that:

(a) UniversityEssayServices.com had the full right and responsibility of canceling any contract, agreement or arrangement with any who condones or attempts to pass any Products as their original work. You also agree to the condition that any product, which is delivered to you by UniversityEssayServices.com, shall not delivered to a third party, or distributed for payment in any way, or for any other purposes. Further, you acknowledge to the condition that in case an UniversityEssayServices.com company realizes that you have distributed or used the information in any way that is not consistent with these provisions and/or plagiarized in any way, then our company reserves the right to deny additional services of further work to you.

(b) You will not put your name on any product. All Products and any other written materials delivered by us to you are for research and reference purposes only. As specifies in the terms of UniversityEssayServices.com, We do not condone, encourage, or otherwise knowingly taking part in plagiarism or any other activities, which results to academic fraud and dishonesty. We strongly abide and adhere to all the copyright laws, and we will not, under any circumstance, allow any client to commit plagiarism or violate the copyright laws. You agree that any product and other written material delivered is provided only as a model, example document for research use. The custom written samples are provided by UniversityEssayServices.com for research purposes ONLY and cannot be used to replace your writing. These materials can only be used as a model paper, from which you can be guided and learn how to do structuring and formatting your research properly. Entire parts of the research provided by our UniversityEssayServices.com should only be used in client’s original piece of writing to the condition that it is properly cited or paraphrased. You are encouraged to check the definition of plagiarism from your University, so as to have an acceptable use of the source materials.

(c) All UniversityEssayServices.com customers should note that neither UniversityEssayServices.com nor any of its affiliates is liable for any unethical, inappropriate, as well as illegal, or otherwise wrongful application of the products and/or any other material in written form which is received from the Site.


(a) All products from UniversityEssayServices.com are not refundable, and have no warranties, either expresses or implied unless UniversityEssayServices.com breach its obligations under these Terms and Conditions.

(b)  Immediately you have placed an order with us, its cancelation and refund are based on the UniversityEssayServices.com cancelation and refund policy, which is set out in the Guarantees and FAQ sections of the Site.

(c)  Unless it is specifically stated in these terms, our company does not give refunds, once the order has been fully completed.


12.1 IPRs in the Products

(a)  The Products UniversityEssayServices.com delivers to you are drafted by our freelance writers.

(b) UniversityEssayServices.com and our affiliates and partners retain the full copyright of all the products and any other material, which is delivered to you.

(c)  Once you pay for Products, we give you a non-exclusive license to the usage of those Products that you have made an order for your personal, non-commercial use only.

(d) You agree not to distribute, publish, and transmit, without the UniversityEssayServices.com prior written consent.

(e)  If UniversityEssayServices.com suffers any losses because of the unauthorized use of any products or materials made available in our site, you will be held responsible for such losses.

12.2 IPRs in any materials that you supply to us

All the materials you supply to us should not infringe the intellectual property of UniversityEssayServices.com or other rights of any other individual or violate any set applicable laws. If they do, you will handle any losses that we may incur as a result

12.3 IPRs in the Site

(i) All intellectual property rights contained in UniversityEssayServices.com website are owned by or licensed to us.

(ii) No intellectual property right of the Site is intended to, transfer to any individual who accesses the Site.

(iii) You are not permitted to copy, disseminate, or download any content of the Site, unless as expressly allowed by our Terms and conditions,  or it is otherwise agreed with us.

12.4 Sources Used Feature

UniversityEssayServices.com will not provide you with the entire content of the articles and e-books. Rather, excerpts cited in the product are delivered for referencing purposes. There is a service fee which is assessed and charged, for the delivery of the materials in its entirety, for viewing or purchasing.


(a) UniversityEssayServices.com site is provided as it is currently, and there is no guarantee that it will meet all our clients’ expectations and requirements. You may not be in a position to access or use some or all of our services if your computer does not support some of the relevant technologies.

(b) UniversityEssayServices.com site is accessed through the World Wide Web, which is independent of us. Therefore, the use of World Wide Web by you is sole at your risk and is subject to all national and international laws and regulations, which are applicable. We do not represent that the Site is appropriate or available for use in any jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom.

(c) UniversityEssayServices.com Site may contain several hyperlinks, to the websites or resources, which is owned by the third parties. These third party websites and resources in most cases have their specific terms of use and privacy policies.  You should make sure you review them. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any third party websites and resources and your access and use of such services and content is at your risk. In such case, we recommend that you be careful, and read the privacy policy of third party websites before you supply any personal information.

(d) In case of any modification UniversityEssayServices.com makes to the site, our company will not be liable for any damage of loss of you, or any other person.

(e) We will not have any liability to you or any other person, whether arising out of or about the Products and Services including but not limited to;

(i) Phone, electronic, hardware or software, network, The Internet, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind;

(ii) Failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed computer and email transmissions;

(iii) Any conditions which are beyond UniversityEssayServices.com control, that might cause the Product and Services to experience delays, disrupted, or corrupted;

(iv) Any injuries, losses or any damages arising in connection with, or as a result of, utilizing the Services; or

(v) Any printing related mistakes in any Product(s).

(f) UniversityEssayServices.com will not be liable to you, or any other individual, whether it arises out of or in connection with our client’s use of the Site, or their inability to use the Site, or for any other related reason including, without limitation, for:

(g) Any matters due to any events outside our reasonable control; or

(h) Any unforeseeable losses or damages.

(i) The provisions that are written in these terms and conditions do not intend to impose a limit or exclude any particular liability for death or personal injury that may arise from negligence, or under fraudulent misrepresentation.


(a) UniversityEssayServices.com does not allow you to transfer any of your rights stated in these terms and conditions, to any other individual. Our company has the right to transfer these rights to another business, where we have a reasonable believe that your right will not be affected in any way.

(b) In case you breach these Terms and Conditions, and UniversityEssayServices.com choose to disregard this, our company will still be entitled to depend on our rights and remedies on a date or in any other situation where you breach these Terms.


(a) All notices you may intend to send to us should be in writing, and sent to our contact address that is provided to you on the Contact Us page on the Site, unless it is otherwise stated.

(b) All notices from UniversityEssayServices.com to you will be either:

(i) Displayed on the Site from time to time;

(ii) Displayed on your personal order page; or

(iii) Emailed to the email address provided in your Registration Information.


(a) The terms and conditions expressed above are under the governance of the English Law, and we agree to be submissive to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

(b) In case we offer our services to you while you are located outside the United Kingdom, note that you are held responsible for complying with local laws of that jurisdiction to the extent that they apply.

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