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Terms and Conditions

1. Vocabulary

• The terms and conditions can also be referred to as an agreement between a company (also here-in after referred to as enterprise) and its customers (also here-in after referred to as clients).

• This is an entity that is responsible for liberal research and services that involve writing and completing assignments as requested by its customers.

• A writer is a person who is in agreement with the enterprise (Essaybureau.com) and provides research as well as writing services in line with the company’s terms and conditions.

• Customers are people who place orders to the enterprise to acquire products in accordance to the requirements he or she made.

• An order is an electronic request for a paid service. It is usually made to by a client for a specific service.

• The progress of a specific stage of the assignment is described by the status of an order.

• A product is documentation in electronic format. It is usually the ultimate outcome of the conclusion of the assignment.

• The corrected form of an original product which was initialized by the customer is referred to as product revision.

• A company’s administration with a mission to help as well as coordinate order processes is called the support team.

• The department responsible for representing the company’s quality work, with the mission to and assess the services provided as well as the quality of a product is the Quality Assurance Department.

• The messaging platform is a communicating feature that is responsible for communications between the client and customers.

• Customers are required to only use our (Essaybureau.com) secure payment process to pay for an order or product or service to avoid online fraudulence.


2. Privacy policy

• Privacy of customers is a top priority aspect to the company. All transactions done online are administered via a secure and reliable payment service. However the company does not assure the customers disclosures of credit card information beyond its control.

• Some pages on the company’s website require a client to give a name, email address, phone number, and home address. This information is only used for verification purpose.

• Customer information is kept confidential by restricting interactions between the client and the writer. A support team is available for the customer 24 hours a day so he or she is able to use any interactive feature on the company’s website.

• Once the order is paid, customer information as well as additional files that are required in order to complete the project becomes visible to the writer. However, information that is willingly revealed by the client when he or she is assigning an order does not affect the company in any way. The company is not liable for such information.


3. Terms of usage and nature of the product

• Only qualified experts that are responsible for establishing liberated as well as personalized research. The service offered by the company is able to locate these experts for efficient execution of duties and services that affect the customer.

• Clients have the consent to put the product to use indefinitely. However, in some circumstances for instance where the product has not been paid for, the contracted writer (our writers) can claim copyrights to the paper and EssayBureau will cease offering privacy protection thereafter.


4. Order process

• A customer should always ensure that he or she provides a valid email address and a working phone number during the sign-up process. This is because there may be instances when he or she may need to be contacted concerning the order process. Failing to establish the correct contact information may affect the order completion process resulting in abuse of the terms of this agreement. It is imperative that the customer PAYS ON TIME for any order or product or service so that the company can commence working on it. Any delay in payment for the same by the customer may lead to cancellation or late delivery of the order or product or service. Essaybureau cannot take responsibility for such delays. The 5 %, 10 %, and 15 % discounts are not applicable to papers that require multiple choice answers.

• The placed order will be executed based on the instructions provided. The instructions should be clear and to the point. The company will not fulfil any warranty and it will not be responsible if additional instructions are not provided within the given time frame. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide precise instructions and/or upload all instruction files during order placement. Customer MUST also provide login credentials where some files or books must be accessed in subscription-based online libraries or other e-book portals.

• Any revision requests must on the basis of the initial instructions. Changes on the initial requirements for the assignment will be measured as editing work. For this reason, the company will not decline the revision request but will charge a reasonable fee. Therefore, additional instructions should be provided before the order is assigned to the writer.

• Writers are permitted to use any applicable sources that are obtainable to work on the assignment. The company expects the customer to submit any source of information they want to be used in the completion of the order within a reasonable time.

• The customer will bear the liability if he chooses the inappropriate level of study. Thus, it is the customer’s responsibility to choose the right level of study that fits his or her assignment when placing the order.

• The message system is a simple and effective way to interact with both the writer and the administration team. Neglecting the messaging system will not be a sufficient ground for refund requests.

• The company will not re-submit incorrect order placements if the details specified are unreliable or they do not march the original description of the order.

• The clients should stay in touch with the administration team to monitor the progress of the orders through their individual account on the website. When the order is complete, the client is welcome to download for review. If the assignment is reverted for adjustment, the writer involved will carry out the necessary revisions as per the customer’s requirements.

• Customers can appeal for drafts from writers but if the assignment is due in 3 to 24 hours and more than 5 pages, the enterprise does not give assurance on provision of drafts.

• Customers can indicate their preferred writers when placing orders. However, the enterprise maintains the right to refuse this request based on the history of the writer.


5. Downloading and delivery policy

• It is in the company’s interest to provide high quality work and ensure that its clients are satisfied. However, it will take no responsibility for issues that result from spams, lack of internet access, filters, or incorrect email thereby leading to failure in notification. The support team is always available to help the client with delivery problems upon request.

• The company will not claim responsibility if the assignment is delivered on time and the customer fails to download it on time. The client will still pay for the service and there will be no refunds in the event that this happens.


6. The verification process

• The company will protect the customer personal information (email address, name, telephone numbers etc) so as to eliminate any schemes to defraud him/her. Essaybureau will not share such information with any third party.

• It is the customer’s obligation to make sure that he or she complies with the company’s anti-fraud procedures immediately when asked to. For instance providing a copy of either government-issued ID or utility bill.


7. Termination

• In case the client does not cooperate, the company reserves the right to cancel any paid order.


8. Revision, Provision of Files and Login Credentials

• The company has an amendment strategy to ensure that its customers and clients are satisfied and that the completed order is to the expectation of the customer. In case a customer is not satisfied with the delivered order, he/she is free to make unlimited revision requests at no extra cost provided based on initial order instructions. However, the quality assurance department maintains the right to control some adjustments on such and/or deny requests for revision in the event that the initial order details have been modified.

• NB: It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide precise instructions and/or upload all instruction files during order placement. The same applies to instances where login credentials and/or specific articles and subscriptions to some online books or libraries are required. We do not bear subscription costs for online libraries and/or books on behalf of customers.

• It is also worth noting that Essaybureau does not give absolute guarantee of 100% score/grades/marks if you use our academic papers without further research on your own. Thus, we encourage customers to reference our papers and read them properly with the aim of getting structured ideas in conducting further research.

• Provision of extra files or instructions after an order has been completed is considered as a modification of initial order instructions thereby modifying the initial agreement. The company, therefore, charges for the same.


9. Satisfaction guarantee

• The assignment is definitely unique, and it is delivered on/or before the deadline. All the projects are tested on plagiarism using advanced software so as to produce 100 % original products. In addition, any material that is not produced by the Essaybureau will not be tested for plagiarism.

• If the client wishes to terminate an assignment, he or she may do so before this assignment is complete and also we encourage familiarity with our Refund Policy.


10. Waiver breach

• All the remedies provided in this agreement shall be constructed as cumulative in addition to any other remedy provided herewith.

• Waivers by this company of any breach of agreement shall be held to be waivers of any other subsequent breach.


11. Amendments

• This company has the right to modify, revise or change any and all provisions of this agreement.


12. Miscellaneous provisions

•This entire agreement contains all the stipulations between the client and the company. No statements or promises have been made by either party herein unless expressly authorized under this agreement.

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