What is the manufacturer specific ID for the GemTek radio transmitter/receiver? 

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. Which tool, Wireshark or NetWitness, provides information about the wireless antenna strength during a captured transmission?
2. Which tool displays the MAC address and IP address information and allows them to be correlated for a given capture transmission?
3. What is the manufacturer specific ID for the GemTek radio transmitter/receiver?
4. The receiver and/or transmitter address is hard-coded in hardware and cannot be changed: It can always be counted on to correctly identify the device transmitting. True or false?
5. What was the actual web host name to which www.polito.it resolved?
2 | Lab #2 Using Wireshark and NetWitness Investigator to Analyze Wireless Traffic
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6. How can one determine that the website www.polito.it is in Italy?
7. What is the IP address for www.polito.it?
8. What destination organization is the owner of record of www.polito.it?

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