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The side-by-side box plot displayed reveals an outlier in the group of students taught by method 3 (praised). (Outliers are discussed in Section 1.5.) Verify that 23 is the outlier by showing that it lies outside the interval (Q1 − 1.5 × IQR, Q3 + 1.5 × IQR), where IQR is the interquartile range and Q1, Q3 are the lower and upper quartiles of the arithmetic scores of the students taught by method 3.

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(a)    Compute the three treatment means and the grand mean y1., y2., y3., y… (b) Compute SSTr, SSE, and SST, and verify that SST = SSTr + SSE. (c) Construct the ANOVA , and test the null hypothesis, at the 5% level, that there are no significant differences among the three methods of producing the rubber compound.

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