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Case Analysis

You can view the article (the case), “The Man Who Got Honeywell’s Groove Backt”, by linking to the course EReserves 

Follow the Case Analysis Outline given in your syllabus. This is a take-home, open-book, open-notes exam. You are on your personal honor to make sure your answers to the Case Analysis Outline are entirely and completely your own. If you do not honor this, you will fail this Assignment.  Use no other references other than Business Week article, 1 page background attached, your text and any resource materials on the course web site. Limit your response to no more than ten double spaced APA style pages (One inch Margins, 12 pitch, Times New Roman font) exclusive of cover page and an Appendix that includes any Figures or Tables…..

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis


Assignment Content Purpose of Assignment  The Case Study focuses on CVP (Cost-Volume-Profit), break-even, and margin of safety analyses which allows students to experience working through a business scenario and applying these tools in managerial decision making.


Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Grading Guide Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Tutorial help on Excel and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products. Scenario: Mary Willis is the advertising manager for Bargain Shoe Store. She is currently working on a major promotional campaign. Her ideas include the installation of a new lighting system and increased display space that will add $24,000 in fixed costs to the $270,000 in fixed costs currently….

Case Study: Telco Corporation

Telco Case Study examines the revenue impact of Customer Service. You must provide a two page write-up of the case and use the questions (brief notes in red provided to assist in writing the 2 page case study write-up) on the case study to form your analysis.  Outside references or internet sources can also be used to support your paper. Reference/Cite page needs to be included.



CASE 8.1 Telco Corporation

Telco Corporation (Telco) is a $25 billion global manufacturer of industrial products, with its global headquarters located in Bloomington, Indiana. Telco is comprised of six major divisions: (1) electrical generators, (2) turbines, (3) industrial air conditioners, (4) machine tools (e.g., drill presses and lathes), (5) fork trucks and skid loaders, and (6) air compressors. Each division is….

Change Management

Week 3 – Assignment 1


After you have finished your team discussion, write a 3 to 4 page paper that addresses each question below. This is an individual assignment and should synthesize and demonstrate application of your learning from playing the simulation, the team discussion, and course material.


1. Summarize the results you achieved while playing the simulation.

a. What did you do well and what were some areas that needed improvement?

b. What were the important differences demonstrated from each of the four scenarios?


2. Analyze and discuss at least 3 comparisons between the simulation and what we have learned in the course.


3. How can you apply what you learned in this experience to the company you work for? Disuss at least two different….

Project Management Discussion

Discussion: Project Planning & Selection

Identify a project that you worked on in the past (or research one online) and discuss at least four of the key decisions made during the pre-initiating and initiating processes. Do you think all necessary decisions can be made during this process? Why or why not?

Discuss your response in detail (250 words). When responding, use terminology from the module materials and provide appropriate and adequate details in all responses. Each response should be in your own words, grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors.

Using current APA format, include and cite at least one external reference material in your initial discussion post.


Discussion: Project Planning & Selection


Identify a project that you worked on in the past (

or research one online


Compensation Plan

Assignment: Compensation Plan Outline


Using the same company you researched in Assignment 1, evaluate the company’s compensation plan to determine how it could be improved.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

Evaluate the existing compensation plan to determine if it is the most appropriate for your company. Explain your rationale. Determine the most beneficial ratio of internally consistent and market consistent compensations systems for the company you selected. Evaluate the current pay structure used by your company and assess the recognition of employee contributions. Make two (2) recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the discretionary benefits provided by the company you selected. Evaluate the types of employer-sponsored retirement plans and health insurance programs provided by the company you selected and compare them….

Is it likely that Goldman Sachs will be able to hire the best and brightest recruits unless they change the culture described?


Questionable Values Produce Resignation at Goldman Sachs

Allegations of serious impropriety and perhaps illegality surrounding Goldman Sachs’s contribution to the 2008 financial crisis have been well publicized. Allegations included trading for their own benefit directly against the interests of its clients (e.g., the ABACUS deal involved deliberately stuffing collateralized debt obligations with inferior mortgage assets, selling them to clients, and then short selling them for their own account) and abusive practices generally.1 These allegations and a description of the ABACUS deal are the subject of the ethics case “Goldman Sachs’s Conflicts: Guilty or Not?” which begins on page 685.

The underlying values associated with this kind of activity were obviously troubling. This was further illustrated in 2012 when Greg Smith, head of Goldman’s U.S. equity derivatives….

Explain how Braintrust can link their compensation and evaluations to the company’s new objectives and innovation strategy.

Braintrust Toys is a toy maker that has as its mission, “Our purpose is to expand the minds of children 1 month–100 years old.” Currently they use a product development strategy, but believe that maybe they need to orient their company towards an innovative strategy. Their current objectives are to: Invent 10 new toys every year and reinvent at least 10 more. Increase revenues by 15% per year. Employ motivated and committed workers. Provide safe and intellect expanding toys for everyone. Braintrust Toys has operated as a medium-sized company for about 20 years. Their compensation to date has been based on longevity at the company. The evaluations were performed by their managers after reviewing their results based on: (1) their influence on increased department product output (75%) and….

Analyze and discuss the five key elements of successful change management.

Overcoming barriers to change: A Corus case study

Overview of the Case:

Corus was formed in 1999 when the former British Steel plc merged with the Dutch company, Hoogovens. Corus is now a subsidiary of the Indian-owned Tata Group. Corus has three operating divisions and employs 40,000 people worldwide. Corus Strip Products UK (CSP UK) is based at Port Talbot and Llanwern, Newport in South Wales. CSP UK makes steel in strip form. This is used in markets such as vehicle manufacture, construction, electrical appliances, tubes and packaging. Corus aims to be a leader in the steel industry by providing better products, higher quality customer service and better value for money than its rivals. In 2005 CSP UK introduced a cultural plan for change called 'The Journey'. The….

What are the limits of culture?

You are required to write a 2000 word essay on a choice of topics. These topics will correspond to those discussed in the course, and the questions will be expansive enough to provide students the opportunity to pursue particular questions of interest.

Q1 Intervention. Is it ever ok to intervene into a cultural practice? Research one case study of intervention to argue for or against ideas of cultural relativism.

Q2 Globalisation. In our globalised world is culture still important? Research one contemporary case study of globalisation and discuss the complex relationship between global forces and local realities?

Q3 Identity When, where and why does identity matter? Research one contemporary case study of a cultural group seeking recognition for their cultural identity.

Q4 Intersectionality What are the limits of….