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  • Week 2 Discussion


Read the decision of the supreme court regarding its ruling in favor of affirmative actions at the University of Texas.(Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser).


Do you agree with the court’s ruling?  How would you feel if you were denied admission to the University of Texas (assuming it was your first choice) and other less qualified applicants were admitted based upon the University’s affirmative action plan?  Does the University’s contention that diversity in its student body is important to the educational experience of its students? Does the admission of academically less qualified students do harm to the primary mission of the institution to foster excellence in higher education?

Do you feel that affirmative action is a good way to remedy past discrimination?  Why or why not?

  • Week 2 Case Study


Pfizer’s Diversity Staffing Initiatives.
Global biopharmaceutical company Pfizer believes that a diverse workforce leads to more innovative and creative thinking. The company also feels that inclusion is the foundation to the ownership culture that it wants to build among its employees. Pfizer recognized that better attracting and retaining diverse employees would require it to pay more attention to its diversity and inclusion initiatives. In addition to relying more on its worldwide diversity and inclusion leadership council comprised of senior executives from around the company, Pfizer also created employee resource groups, including people with disabilities, Latino/Hispanics, African American, and LGBT employees, to better apply their ideas to influence company results.


  1. Why is Pfizer interested in improving diversity and inclusion at the company?


  1. How does a proactive focus on diversity and inclusion improve Pfizer’s legal compliance?


  1. If you were in charge of diversity and inclusion at Pfizer, what would you do to further improve diversity and inclusion at the company?
  • Week2 Reading Assessment 
  • How is at-will employment best used by employers?
  • Compare and contrast three different job analysis methods on the basis of their advantages and disadvantages.


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