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Explain the different interpretations offered by these two tests.

1. A semen analysis on a vasovasostomy patient has a normal sperm concentration; however, motility is decreased, and clumping is observed on the wet preparation.

a. Explain the possible connection between these observations and the patient’s recent surgery.

b. What tests could be performed to further evaluate the patient’s infertility?

c. Briefly explain the different interpretations offered by these two tests.

d. State three ways in which a positive result on these tests could be affecting male fertility.

2. A yellow-colored semen specimen is received in the laboratory. The analysis is normal except for decreased sperm motility. Explain the possible connection between the two abnormal findings

3. Abnormal results of a semen analysis are volume = 1.0 mL and sperm concentration = 1 million/mL. State a nonpathologic cause….

Describe the tubes into which the fluid would be routinely placed.

1. A 50-year-old man presents in the emergency department with severe pain and swelling in the right knee. Arthrocentesis is performed and 20 mL of milky synovial fluid is collected. The physician orders a Gram stain, culture, and crystal examination of the fluid, as well as a serum uric acid. She requests that the synovial fluid be saved for possible additional tests.

a. Describe the tubes into which the fluid would be routinely placed.

b. If the patient’s serum uric acid level is elevated, what type of crystals and disorder are probable?

c. Describe the appearance of these crystals under direct and compensated polarized light. d. Why were the Gram stain and culture ordered?

Name an additional test that could provide more diagnostic information.

1. Microscopic screening of a stool from a patient exhibiting prolonged diarrhea shows increased fecal neutrophils and normal qualitative fecal fats and meat fibers.

a. What type of diarrhea do these results suggest?

b. Name an additional test that could provide more diagnostic information.

c. Name one probable result for this test and one improbable result.

d. If the test for fecal neutrophils were negative and the fecal fat concentration increased, what type of diarrhea would be suggested?

Describe the appearance of the stool specimens if steatorrhea is present.

1. Laboratory studies are being performed on a 5-year-old boy to determine whether there is a metabolic reason for his continued failure to gain weight. In addition to having blood drawn, the patient has a sweat chloride collected, provides a random stool sample, and is asked to collect a 72-hour stool sample.

a. How can the presence of steatorrhea be screened for by testing the random stool sample?

b. How does this test distinguish among neutral fats, soaps, and fatty acids? c. What confirmatory test should be performed?

d. Describe the appearance of the stool specimens if steatorrhea is present.

e. If a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis is suspected, state two screening tests that could be performed on a stool specimen to aid in the diagnosis.

f. State….

What is the possible nonpathologic cause of the unexpected results for Patient #1? Patient #2? Patient #3?

1. A physician’s office laboratory is experiencing inconsistencies in the results of patient-collected specimens for FOBT. Patients are instructed to submit samples from two areas of three different stools. Positive and negative controls are producing satisfactory results. Patient #1 is a 30- year-old woman taking over-the-counter medications for gastric reflux who has reported passing frequent, black stools. The results of all three specimens are negative for occult blood. Patient #2 is a 70-year-old woman suffering from arthritis. She is taking the test as part of a routine physical. The results of all three specimens are positive for occult blood. Patient #3 is a 50-year-old man advised by the doctor to lose 30 lb. He has been doing well on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. Two of his three specimens….

List three complications that can occur with this disorder.

1.  A 30-year-old woman has symptoms of dysuria, vaginal itching, and a white, curd-like discharge. During her visit at the Women’s Clinic, the patient revealed that she had recently completed a regimen of broad-spectrum antibiotics as treatment for a urinary tract infection. Her health-care provider takes a swab of the vaginal secretions for analysis.

a. What tests will be performed on the vaginal specimen?

b. Based on the patient history and observation of the vaginal secretion, which test will be diagnostic for the probable diagnosis?

c. What confirmatory test can be performed?

d. What is the probable diagnosis?

e. What is the first choice of treatment?

Q 68

1. A sexually active teenager visited the Women’s Clinic complaining of vaginal itching and soreness. She indicated that she was….

Demonstrate the knowledge and key attributes required by those seeking to enter professional health and social care practice. Successfully complete key aspects of the Care Certificate.






For this task, you will choose and examine a publicly listed company that you are considering analyzing for your final project. You will provide the reason you are choosing to analyze this company for your final project, introduce the key goods and services provided by the company, and explain how the company is organized.

Prompt: First, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document so that you understand the scope of the final project. Then, visit the webpage SEC EDGAR Company Filings, and select a company for your final project. Research the company’s background using the corporate website and other web resources. Be sure to cite your sources in APA style.

Next, identify the company and address the following critical elements:

 Company Selection:….

Kidney disease

Veteran – Centric Viewpoint: Did you know that the prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is estimated to be 34% higher among veterans versus the general population due to the existence of significant co-morbidity associated with Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension?  The American Society of Nephrology (ASN) estimates that among these veterans, 40,000 CKD patients rely on dialysis or are waiting for a kidney transplant to remain alive.



For this WIKI, please think about state of kidney disease in the United States and around the world. Visit the link below which will take you to the World Kidney Day web-page.

Browse around the site and select and write about one area on the site that interests you or that may answer a clinical question you had….

Ethnic difference in physical activity and sedentary behavior in adults in the US


Publication 1.Objective 2.Study design 3.Study Selection 4.Subject Characteristics 8.Outcome Measure(s) 9.Sample Size 10.Analytic Methods 11.Estimate of Variance 12.Controlled for confounding 13.Results 14.Conclusions Score Jones et al, 2016. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 0.91 Gabriel et al, 2018. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 0.95 Sisson et al, 2010. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1.00 Gay and Buchner, 2014. 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 0.86 Diaz et al, 2015. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 0.95 Hooker et al, 2015. 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 0.95 Hawkins et al, 2009. 2 2 2 2….













Freelancing has grown to be a wider employment sector, and it is likely to continue absorbing millions of professionals. However, despite the financial benefits associated with the industry, many health and safety risks are perceived in freelance work. Most of the freelancers tend to focus on the benefits they attain from freelancing but fail to take into perspective the health and safety risks associated with the occupation. This study will explore the understanding of freelancers on health and safety, and how they protect themselves, along with identifying health and safety risks associated with freelancing. The study will adopt both qualitative and quantitative techniques in data collection and analysis. Random sampling….