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For this assignment, you are asked to prepare a two-page reflection paper. You have now finished the entire course, and this is an opportunity to consider the knowledge you have gained and how you will use this knowledge going forward. Your reflection paper should address the criteria below:

  • Describe the impacts of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on marketing healthcare services and health plans.
  • Contrast how marketing in health care is different from marketing in other industries.
  • Explain the ethical and legal implications that need to be considered in healthcare marketing.
  • Summarize some key trends in the industry and what the implications are for the future of healthcare marketers.

Here are some requirements specific to this reflection paper:

  1. You are required to utilize one of the following research databases from the CSU Online Library to find and reference at least one scholarly article that you will cite in your reflection paper: ABI/Inform Complete or the Health and Medical Complete. The article can pertain to any of the four areas listed.
  2. Your paper should be two pages in length.
  3. In addition to the material covered in this course, also include your own thoughts specific to these concepts.
  4. Format your reflection paper using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references for other articles (if applicable) to avoid plagiarism.

Part 2. Need To Be 1 Paragraph

Explain how creating a marketing plan has prepared you for success in your current or future role in the healthcare marketing field.

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