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In groups of two, take turns discussing a lifestyle problem and restating it as a goal for change.

A. Think of a lifestyle problem the counselee would like to change, such as eating too much; eating the wrong foods; needing to eat more fruits and vegetables, more fiber, or less fat; exercising too little; needing to budget better; drinking too much; smoking too much; or the like. B. Help the person discuss the problem and the conditions and circumstances surrounding it. Then have the counselee restate the problem as a positive goal for change, that is, “I will. . .” C. Assess the importance of the goal on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the highest importance. Revise the goal if necessary. D. Ask about and discuss the obstacles and barriers to accomplishing the goal, and try to have the person resolve these. E. Have the person list the steps toward achieving the goal. What will the person do, and when will it be done

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