Key Assessment Information

Overview Length or Duration Worth Due
You are required to critically reflect upon four reflective pieces based on an application within the thinking of Leadership. 2000 words (500 words per Reflection) 30% Reflective Piece 1: Session 4

Reflective Piece 2: Session 6

Reflective Piece 3: Session 8

Reflective Piece 4: Session 10


The unit Learning Outcomes assessed are:

  • LO 3: Exemplify evidence of enhanced personal knowledge, skills and attitudes (including cultural competence) as they relate to the effective exercise of leadership across boundaries
  • LO4: Devise a personal leadership statement and action plan that demonstrates sound critical social analysis and a constructed understanding of what is a new generation leader


Leadership is a valued constant in our lives and in organisations. Reflecting this importance, people & organisations invest in developing capabilities in many ways (via formal training, developmental activities and self-help activities). One of our greatest avenues of learning about how to lead and manage is from personal & professional life experiences. By reflecting on your life experience(s), I hope you discover some of what resonates most with you about your approach to leadership.


Once you have sketched your mental image, reflect on this and write a minimum of 500 words on what this means. Attach your mental imagery when you are submitting your reflections.

Estimated time 90 minutes using Padlet.

Due Week 2 Session 4


Reflect on your field day and write a minimum of 500 words on what this means.

Estimated time 90 minutes using Padlet.

Due Week 3 Session 6


Reflect on the power of truth in stories and how your story can change another and also inspire others to follow you.

Estimated time 90 minutes using Padlet.

Due Week 4 Session 8


Reflect on your P2P day and reflect on how you contributed for it to be a successful session.

Write a minimum of 500 words on what this means.

Estimated time 90 mins using Padlet.

Due Week 4 Session 10

To get started on your assessment task, please follow the instructions below;

    1. Plan or outline what your different posts will address. What type of leadership are you interested in discussing? What type of experiences are you wanting to discuss? Are you going to be guided by the topics covered in sessions or do you wish to cover some topics that have not been discussed in class?
    2. Read and review the course learning materials on your chosen topics.
    3. Conduct additional research on your chosen topics.
    4. Set up your padlet opens in new window and begin writing your posts.
    5. Continue writing your posts and ensure they completed by Session 4, 6, 8 and 10. Use hyperlinks instead of formal referencing, along with picture links.
    6. To submit your posts, export your padlet as a PDF and submit it to Dropbox. Under settings on your padlet, please scroll down and select ‘Save as PDF’.
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    8. Don’t worry if the PDF doesn’t read well – it’s just for us to run an originality check. Your marker will be able to access your online Padlet via the link which automatically appears at the top of the PDF.


You should have formulated groups within your session, so the next thing to do is to self-enrol online via VU Collaborate.
Please follow the simple instructions to self-enroll online here opens in new window.


The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task:

  • Criterion 1: Reflection (10 marks)
  • Criterion 2: Analysis of leader ship (10 marks)
  • Criterion 3: Connection to readings (5 marks)
  • Criterion 4: Writing (5 marks)
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