Describe your strategy and then evaluate it using the chart.


We are going back to our retail computer store and looking at the example of a QSPM for the store on p. 184 of your textbook. Use the chart as a guide.

The QSPM evaluates two strategies.

Your assignment is to come up with a third strategy, like establishing a website that does sales and service or expanding into a new product line like X Boxes and computer games.

Describe your strategy and then evaluate it using the chart.Use the weights for the Key Factors given in the chart and determine AS and TAS for pertinent factor. Then calculate the total TAS score.

There will be many factors that your strategy may not affect and therefore no AS or TAS.

You do not need to include all your scores but choose the three factors that scored a 3 or 4 on AS. Then tell us the total TAS.

How does it compare with the two strategies in the textbook?

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