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Addresses learning outcome(s):

  1. Critically and comprehensively assess the nursing care needs of individuals with mental health issues.
  2. Critically and comprehensively assess the nursing care needs of adults with acute care needs;
  3. Further develop capacity for effective and safe planning and delivery of nursing care;
  4. Further develop effectively and efficiently engage contemporary evidence to inform nursing practice;
  5. Critically evaluate the outcomes of nursing care with people with mental health issues;
  6. Critically evaluate the outcomes of nursing care of adults with acute care needs;
  7. Practice in ways that ensure care is respectful and supportive of people with diverse backgrounds; and
  8. Demonstrate the ability to reflect in and on practice so as to inform further development of safe and quality nursing practice.

This assignment challenges you to explore the evidence around the use of restraints, be physical and/or psychological.

You are to deliver a narrated PowerPoint presentation to new graduate nurses that examines restraint use and responds to the World health Organization (WHO) quote“coercive practices such as restraint and seclusion cause harm to physical and mental health and can lead to death.”(WHO, 2021, p216).Drawing on contemporary evidence provide information around restraint practices and provide recommendations for alternatives to restraint that ensure a culture of patient and staff safety.

Consider the following in your presentation

  • Patient and Staff safety
  • Ethical considerations (biomedical principles of justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence)
  • Human and healthcare rights
  • Australian healthcare standards, RN Standards for Practice, and local policies
  • Australian Capital Territory law regarding restraint
  • The Mental health Act 2015 (ACT)
  • The WHO response to seclusion and restraint

Your narrated PowerPoint presentation should include

  • An introduction to the topic
  • A response to the WHO quote supported by current ethical and legal practice guidelines and current literature
  • A description of the types of restraints, indications for use, patient safety concerns, potential errors, and/or poor outcomes

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