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Therapeutic relationship is key to positive outcomes and is an essential component of mental health nursing and your role as a mental health nurse is to establish a positive trusting relationship with patients. Maintaining professional boundaries is also an integral part of an effective therapeutic relationship.
This essay requires you to critically examine and analyse contemporary mental health nursing issues in delivering better outcomes for mental health patients/consumers. You are required to utilise contemporary literature to support your analysis of concepts and aspects of therapeutic relationships. You are also required to offer a critique of therapeutic and effective relationships with consumers by reflecting on your recent or past clinical practice and to support your discussion by Hamilton’s (2010) Boundary Seesaw Model.
Assessment Instructions
Provide an introduction/background of your work area/clinical setting you have chosen and use contemporary literature to analyse the concept and aspects of therapeutic relationships. contemporary literature to support your analysis. You should also critically examine therapeutic relationships in relation in that clinical setting. You are also expected to build a convincing argument as to which boundary management style is best suited for the clinical environment as well as your chosen style. In your discussion, you should provide a brief critique of other boundary management styles while providing a detailed description of the chosen boundary management style.
This written essay is due on the 21st of April by 2359hrs and needs to be written to APA 7th edition standards and include APA 7th edition referencing.

  1. Analyse the concept and aspects of therapeutic relationships and use contemporary literature to support your analysis.
  2. Critically examine therapeutic relationships in relation to nursing clinical practice.
  3. Reflect on your recent or past clinical practice and use Hamilton’s (2010) Boundary Seesaw Model to discuss how you enact boundary management in your clinical practice. Use evidence-based literature to support your discussion.

Presentation and format requirements for essay:
The word count is 1,500 words (+/- 10%) double spacing, 12 size font. Please include your final word count at the beginning of the essay. (Do not count the words used in your cover page and reference list but do count the words used in the in-text citations as part of your word count).
A minimum of 8 references is required. References used should not be more than 10 years old except if it is a seminal work/study. Use APA 7th ed referencing style.
Use 2.5cm margins on each side of the page with double spacing between lines. Use 11 or 12 points fonts.
Submit either word or PDF file types. Please note other file extensions would be unreadable which would result in your assignment not being marked.
If you choose to use subheadings, you must include a table of contents page after your title page and before your body of work. See Assessment Task Instructions above for more information.
Please note even though the rubric is marked out of 80 points, your final grade would be scaled to 40% of your overall mark for the assessment, e.g., if you receive a mark of 60/80, your final mark would be 30/40.
Please include a Cover Page/Title page in your submission (not as a separate document/submission). See Assessment Summary for Downloadable Title Page.
Course Learning Outcomes Assessed
This assessment supports the following learning outcomes:
Critically examine the development of therapeutic and effective relationships with consumers.
Identify specific and appropriate communication strategies for consumers exhibiting challenging behaviors.
Evaluate principles of communication in a range of intersectional context with consumers and carers as well as among other health care professionals.

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