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legislation dictates who can provide certain services, how organizations can operate, and the different methods of reimbursement. Quality improvement measures must follow the guidelines that have been established for healthcare by legislation.

To understand the future for an organization, it is important to know and understand the current status of the organization this can be a challenge if this is not understood. (Colmers, 2015). Keeping all stakeholders involved can be a challenge because the strategic planning must keep the stakeholders in mind because they keep the organization going. Federal and state policies can challenge how often strategic planning is updated, so the strategic plan must adapt to federal and state policies as quick as things change. Local market conditions can affect how the organization conducts their strategic planning due to fluctuations or new technologies for example.

Challenges can be overcome with the process of thoroughly understanding what is going on. Changes in healthcare occur regularly and it is important to resolve challenges as quick as possible so that positive outcomes can be the result. Challenges do not always have to be a bad thing, it can for organizations to produce better outcomes.

Colmers, J. (2015). Healthcare Strategic Planning in Today’s Dynamic Environment. Retrieved from www.hfma.org/Leadership/Archives/2015/

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