BRAF inhibitors as anti-cancer agents.

PLZ MY LEVEL Msc and my subject pharmacology
2 pages speech for 10 min talk
plz put the pullit points in bold to know it
refer to references to take the fig table to my presentation
i will submit the majority of reference also instruction and formate of slides that will help u in how to write it to me
do not forget the base of my presentation is the article 1 read it carefully and use a lot of info from it also show critique.
i want to let u know about critique and some points plz follow the instruction word doc bcz some points in formate file not valid…

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Applied Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Health

Introduction   Statistics is defined as science of applied mathematics which concerns the collecting, processing, summarizing, interpreting and presenting the data. It explains and analyses the provided data and draws….

Recommendations for future guidelines to reduce negative implications

    Please make sure all questions are answered correctly this is a doctoral level assignment 10 pages Topic:  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aims to bridge….

The drug Prevnar is a vaccine meant to prevent meningitis.  It is typically administered to infants. In clinical trials, the vaccine was administered to 710

randomly sampled infants between 12 and 15 months of age. Of the 710 infants, 121 experienced a loss of appetite. Is this significant evidence to conclude that the proportion of….