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Applied Statistics and Data Analysis for Public Health



Statistics is defined as science of applied mathematics which concerns the collecting, processing, summarizing, interpreting and presenting the data. It explains and analyses the provided data and draws the conclusion from the information a sample data contained (Peck, Olsen & Devore, 2015). statistics is majorly used for appropriate data collection and presentation of complex data in suitable graphs, tables and diagrammatic forms to make it clear and easily understandable. Moreover, it helps to understand the complexity and pattern of variations in phenomenon of nature and is useful to plan a statistical analysis correctly and efficiently in any area of research (James et al., 2013). Statistical methods play a vital role in the monitoring and estimation process of public safety, used to classify population at risk, diagnose….

Recommendations for future guidelines to reduce negative implications



Please make sure all questions are answered correctly this is a doctoral level assignment

10 pages Topic:  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aims to bridge the

underinsured and uninsured gap in the United States by mandating that

individuals obtain health insurance. Depending on circumstance, this shifts the

medical cost from the insurer (government) to the consumer, or in some

instances, the employer.


Positive and negative implications relative to the consumer, provider, and insurer

Recommendations for future guidelines to reduce negative implications

A conclusion that summarizes the aforementioned requirements

Title Page

Introduction 300

Background on the Topic 1,000

Positive and Negative Implications 1,000

Recommendations 1,000

Conclusion 400


The drug Prevnar is a vaccine meant to prevent meningitis.  It is typically administered to infants. In clinical trials, the vaccine was administered to 710

randomly sampled infants between 12 and 15 months of age. Of the 710 infants, 121 experienced a loss of appetite. Is this significant evidence to conclude that the proportion of infants who receive Prevnar and experience a loss of appetite is different than 0.135 which is the proportion of children who experience a loss of appetite with competing medications? is an a of .05.

a) state the null and alternative hypotheses.

b) calculate the test statistic.

c)report the p-value

d)state a conclusion in context of the problem.

e)calculate a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of infants on Preener who experience a loss of appetite. Interpret the confidence interval in context of the problem.

f) does your confidence interval agree with the results of the hypothesis test? explain.

identify and describe the issues affecting  standards of practice related to competency of medical care identified  in the Lyckholm and Hackney article

In addition to summarizing the relevant points of the article,  explain the relevance that standards of practice have (or will have) to  you as a practitioner.


Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology 40 (2001) 131–138

Ethics of rural health care

Laurie J. Lyckholm , Mary Helen Hackney *, Thomas J. Smith Department of Medicine and the Di�ision of Hematology/Oncology, Massey Cancer Center,

Virginia Commonwealth Uni�ersity School of Medicine, 401 College Street, Richmond, VA 23298-0037, USA

Accepted 6 February 2001


1. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …..

Challenging Medical Racism and Physicians’ Preference for White Patients

Read the following blogs and consider the author’s opinions:

Challenging Medical Racism and Physicians’ Preference for White Patients

Four Ways Racism Continues to Influence Modern Medicine

The Hidden World of Medical Racism in the United States

Bias, Black Lives, and Academic Medicine

After you read the author’s opinion blogs, write a 1– to 2–page paper in APA format that includes a brief explanation of the overall problem discussed throughout these blogs. Find your own academic sources using the WCU library that helps you explain why this problem might exist. Come up with a five-point action plan to reduce racism in the field of medicine. Justify your plan. Make sure to explain how you would teach each of the five points to those currently working….

Case Study on Death and Dying

The practice of health care providers at all levels brings you into contact with people from a variety of faiths. This calls for knowledge and acceptance of a diversity of faith expressions.

The purpose of this paper is to complete a comparative ethical analysis of George’s situation and decision from the perspective of two worldviews or religions: Christianity and a second religion of your choosing. For the second faith, choose a faith that is unfamiliar to you. Examples of faiths to choose from include Sikh, Baha’i, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc.

In your comparative analysis, address all of the worldview questions in detail for Christianity and your selected faith. Refer to Chapter 2 of Called to Care for the list of questions. Once you have outlined the worldview of each religion, begin your ethical analysis….

Optimisation and comparison of sensitivity and specificity for detection of clinically significant blood group antibodies using LISS-IAT, Alb-IAT and PEG-IAT (tube versus CAT)

For Clinical Biochemistry project students a Hard Copy of your report is NOT required.  For all other disciplines, please submit a hard copy to the “Academic Services 201.2.10” assignment box by Monday 23rd October, 2017.

You have already done a background introduction as part of your literature review.  Do NOT add your literature again to this report for the turnitin submission.  You should add the literature review to the hard copy report for completeness.  Note however it will not be remarked.

Following on from your literature review you should have a one paragraph introduction to include your specific project aims and a hypothesis if relevant.  The project report should be similar to a scientific manuscript which is published in a scientific journal.  The main part of the report….

peritoneal dialysis (PD) vs Haemodialysis (HD)

 You are required to write a systematic literature review proposal. This is in readiness for you to complete assessment 3 in semester 2 of your study in the HEA610 Masters Project unit.

You are asked to choose an area of inquiry related to your clinical area which is of interest to you and will be appropriate for your major systematic literature

review for assessment 3 in semester 2 of your study in the HEA610 Masters Project unit.

(. This critical review will include only primary research articles and/or secondary research articles (Systematic reviews). You are required to review 8 to10 articles. However, you are expected to use other references to support your points within the review


You are required to complete the Systematic review template which is attached as MCN….