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Your team may wish to role-play this case for the class then discuss what the supervisor in the scenario should do and how he should respond.

Billy Jo Rhea has been a machinist for Linco Tool and Die, a manufacturer of engine parts for large motors, for sixteen years. Lately, more of Billy Jo’s parts have been rejected for errors; he seems preoccupied with outside matters—leaving early, asking to take off days beyond sick days allowed. He has missed three work days in two weeks, and Charlie, his supervisor, wondered if he smelled alcohol on his breath after lunch yesterday. Charlie hasn’t said anything yet; he doesn’t want to invade Billy Jo’s privacy. He thinks Billy Jo, who in the past has been cooperative, positive, highly productive, and rarely sick or absent, may just be going through a tough time. Besides, the past month has been difficult because a major shipment required overtime and all machinists have been asked to work eighty to ninety-five hours a week until the shipment is complete

At lunch, Charlie overhears an argument between Billy Jo and a coworker, Terry, each blaming the other for a part being rejected by quality assurance. Billy Jo tells Terry to “stay out of his way and his area,” and that “the next time they’ll settle it outside,” poking him in the chest with his finger. Billy Jo then slams a $250 gauge down on the floor, shouts profanities, and adds, “I don’t care if the part falls off or if this place burns to the ground, anymore; I’ve about had all I can take of you and this place! You know my wife left me for my best friend last week, left me with a two-year-old to raise by myself, and my other kid got expelled for possession. It just doesn’t much matter to me what you think, so I’d leave me alone if I were you!” Charlie heads for the human resource office, unsure of how to proceed.

Here are some questions to guide you:

What should Charlie do? Solve What advice would you, as the human resource manager, give Charlie? Solve

3. How should Charlie respond to the immediate situation? Solve

4. How can you apply the assessment questions regarding violence to help Charlie and other supervisors handle future situations more effectively? Solve

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