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You have been asked to explain to a new group of employees your organisation’s practices with regard to customer service. Plan and document a presentation* (see below) that you might give. For the purposes of this project you can use a hypothetical organisation.

In the presentation you will need to explain:

  • the procedures that should be followed to work with customers and identify their needs
  • what questions you might ask to help match customer needs with products/services
  • how they can help customers:
  • evaluate products and services
  • prioritise their preferences
  • what information they should provide
  • how they will reach agreement
  • the legislation and ethical requirements with which they must comply
  • how to identify potential areas of difficulty in customer service delivery and take appropriate actions
  • when they might need to explain their rights and responsibilities to a customer
  • what records they should keep

* Presentation information:

  • Use MS PowerPoint or Google Slides to prepare your presentation
  • Slide deck should comprise 15-20 slides
  • Slides should present all the essential information
  • Slides should not be overcrowded – bullet point format is best, with an average of 7 points per slide (following best practice)
  • Images are optional, but copyright must be respected
  • Slide deck should have a cover slide giving title of presentation and author
  • Each slide should have title of presentation in header, and also title of topic (e.g. ‘helping customers evaluate products and services’) above content
  • Upload slides at the appropriate submission point

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