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The company has offices in London, Reading, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.  20% of its 100 employees are field-based.

The company uses a basic cloud CRM to manage client and candidate records but the business owner is worried that it is not coping with the increasing volume of inbound and outbound communication. She also feels it lacks features such as scripts, knowledge management and marketing automation to support her team.

Your role is to advise the company on implementing a CRM system. Your report must provide:

  1. An analysis of the business, its specific requirements from a CRM system, and the people and processes that would be affected by its implementation. When considering the processes that will be affected, consider both “as-is” processes, but also how they could be replicated or improved in the new system (“to-be” processes).

    Make as many assumptions about the organisation as you like to build a full picture of its activities.
    Remember to state clearly what your assumptions are.

  2. A critical evaluation of potential CRM solutions (using real examples) and make a recommendations on which system would best suit the company’s requirements.
  3. An implementation plan for your recommended solution and associated organisational changes, including suggestions for the future development of the organisation’s CRM strategy.

Your plan should identify what steps should be taken and in what order, the people who should be involved in the process, and the high level timings and costs of the plan.

You are encouraged to highlight any potential risks or limitations of your recommendations, and of a CRM implementation in general, and show how the company could mitigate against them.

References from both academic and commercial sources should be included.


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