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Make plots for comparing the Crank-Nicolson scheme with the Forward and Backward Euler schemes in the same test problem as in Exercise 8.12.

1.It is recommended to do Exercise 8.12 prior to the present one. Here we look at the same population growth model N (t) = rN(t), N(0) = N0. The time derivative N (t) can be approximated by various types of finite differences. Exercise 8.12 considers a backward difference (Fig. 8.22), while Sect. 8.2.2 explained the forward difference (Fig. 8.4). A centered difference is more accurate than a backward or forward difference: N (tn + 1 2 Δt) ≈ N(tn + Δt) − N(tn) Δt = Nn+1 − Nn Δt . This type of difference, applied at the point t n+1 2 = tn + 1 2Δt, is illustrated geometrically in Fig. 8.23.

a) Insert the finite difference approximation in the ODE N = rN and solve for the….

analyze the organizational behavior of your current or former employer.

In this assignment, you will analyze the organizational behavior of your current or former employer. Describe how the following areas influence the organizational behavior in a negative or positive manner:

Type of culture (Pluralism, Dualism or Salad bowl) Modes of communication in the organization (i.e., written or verbal) Nature of authority (i.e., recognized social rank) Motivational techniques (e.g. intrinsic or extrinsic used to influence productivity and performance) Areas of EQ (emotional quotient) embraced by the organization Virtual elements (i.e., teleworking and virtual offices)

Provide examples for each item listed above and discuss how each example applies to the organization identified. Your paper must be eight to ten pages in length and use a minimum of four scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook. Your paper must be formatted….

Discuss the use of non-compete agreements for entry-level and low paid employees and use the decision-making process to come up with a solution for employers  who require non-compete agreements for entry-level workers.

Read this article and Discuss the use of non-compete agreements for entry-level and low paid employees and use the decision-making process to come up with a solution for employers  who require non-compete agreements for entry-level workers.

Elements of Case Analysis (Outline)

Determine the relevant facts. This summary should not exceed one paragraph. (Note: You do NOT need to state what facts might be missing that you would like to have known, unless it clarifies information or context.) Identify and explain the key ethical issue(s) involved in the case. Moral standards honesty, fidelity, confidentiality, autonomy, injustice Categories of unethical behavior include: Taking things that don’t belong to you Saying things you know are not true, or giving or allowing false impressions Buying influence or engaging in a conflict of interest Hiding information that should….

Market research –the competition, price points, voids in the marketplace, need for your product line. 

The parent Company is “Ivanna Valencia” and has a void in athleisure. The target market is demanding more stay at home clothes with a modern feel

Students are to bring a new product or product line to market. It should be a “new division” of an existing Company. Consider that you are working for a retailer, designer or brand. You realize a “void” in the marketplace. An example might be: You are working for the retailer Zara. There is no maternity line. You feel that a hip, stylish maternity line is a void in the marketplace. Trend right. Priced right. Perfect for stylish Moms-to-be. What would this line look like? Made of? Priced? Manufactured?  The new product line should be marketable, saleable & make sense for the “parent”….

What is the difference between yield management and revenue management for service-based organizations?

Define inventory and discuss why inventories are maintained. What are the four Inventory Models?

Inventory is an asset that has been held for sale or any other future use. Inventories are the physical goods that are used in operations and include supplies, tools, parts, raw materials, and other physical materials used within an organization. Many different categories are maintained within the value chain. Managing inventory is beneficial since it allows the organization to meet its customers’ demands without having to wait for the production cycle to end. By managing inventory, orders are filled timely and more efficiently, enabling an organization to increase its profitability by meeting the needs of the customers (Collier & Evans, 2017).

Below is a description of the four inventory models:

Fixed Order Quantity system-….

Develop effective and ethical approaches for sampling and data collection and justify the choices.

Sample Size


In this assignment, you will use the G*Power application. By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:

· Develop effective and ethical approaches for sampling and data collection and justify the choices.

· Communicate quantitative methodologies, results, analysis, and conclusions effectively.

Step 1: Determine and Understand Statistical Power

In this first step, you will explore how three levels of statistical power influence the sample size for a linear multiple regression.

1. Open G*Power and select F-Tests and Linear multiple regression, fixed model, R2 deviation from zero. Select A priori: Compute sample size given alpha, power, and effect size.

2. Move your mouse over the box to the right of Effect size f2. Notice how a window opens providing you….

How Compensation and Benefits Can Impact Employee Moral and Productivity. 

Please answer the following in no less than 200 words.

1.  How Compensation and Benefits Can Impact Employee Moral and Productivity.

Please see below for examples.


•Higher starting wages

Feel appreciated immediately

•Up to 3.75% yearly wage increases

Planning for the future

•Sales commissions are performance based

The more they hustle the more they make

•Overtime Pay (+40 hours/week)

Time and a half helps promote productivity

while making more money

•401k and Pension

Retirement Assistance

•PTO Accrual

Earn up to 6 weeks paid vacation

•Paid Holidays

Spending more time with your family

•Family/Individual Health Coverage

Worry-free financial assistance

for times of sickness

Write a well-supported analytical essay critiquing the company, its operations, and the ethical dilemma it caused.

CO1 Assess the legal environment of business. CO2 Explain how ethical frameworks shape business decisions. CO10 Assess laws applying to antitrust and consumer protection.

Assignment Prompt: The following five (5) companies have been in the news due to either a consumer protection or antitrust problem.  Select ONE of these companies from the first column as the subject of your paper. You are provided source links in the table about the company to get you started. You will need to do more research about the company as well as the ethical frameworks and applicable law.


Fact sources to get you started

Comments/additional sources

Southern Rail, U.K.

(Consumer issue)

Little, S. (2018, January 16). Southern Rail voted UK’s worst train service for third year in a row. Independent. Retrieved from

Additional citation for you….

Manufacturing Requirements

Running Head: Milestone Two 3

Milestone Two:

Manufacturing Requirements

The production process of Pop In bottle liner will require a manufacturing requirement that is suitable to meet the safety standard for the demands of the customer and that would adapt the same production in the capacity of the company. The main reason is to consider the new product while continuously doing the same production phases but it will require another adaptation. The new product will be produced through the step by step operations that the other common company products are currently processing. The elastic material will introduce a thicker layer in the current production process alongside existing products that are being manufactured to be able not to delay the client’s orders of the existing product. The tools for….