You are a marketing manager for Capital Marketeer. You have two accounts currently underway for promoting two new products for your agency’s long-standing clients.

You are a marketing manager for Capital Marketeer. You have two accounts currently underway for promoting two new products for your agency’s long-standing clients.

FIRST CLIENT – Juices Are Us

Advertising Manager – Corey Wiley

Account Manager – Amanda Wilson

General Manager – Phillip Kone

Juices Are Us has been around since 2005. They’ve shaken up the juice market with their quality fresh juice products. Partnering with Capital Marketeer marketing expertise, the brand has gone where no other pure juice company has gone before. With ranges of quality, packed-full-of-goodness, no nasty preservative juices, Juices Are Us is now a big player in the juice market and available on supermarket shelves all over Australia. They have a large, loyal customer base of all ages and various backgrounds.

To promote the release a new product – Jingle Juice– a wholesome Vitamin C-packed, boost energy drink. A perfect recovery for anyone feeling a little run-down.

Consider such strategies as online or televised advertisements, social media promotions, print advertisements, billboards, websites, print, radio, catalogues, billboard, free product samples, demonstrations and so on. You may also use media such as newspapers, magazines, articles or make charitable contributions to build awareness.

Your Task

You have a budget of $100,000 for promoting the new product and the timeline is 1 month. Through your research, you have found that the budget is too low for promoting a product like this and with all the areas to focus on above, the timeline is too short. You need to arrange a meeting with the above Juices Are Us staff members to present to them an increase for budget and timeline. You would like to increase the budget to $150,000 and timeline to 3 months. Corey Wiley works out of their London branch and Phillip Kone will be going on annual leave in 2 weeks. You must arrange a meeting with these barriers in mind and PRESENT to them the reasoning of the budget and timeline increase.


SECOND CLIENT – Peppers Paints

Owner – Selwyn Myer

Account Manager – Joy Price

Advertising Manager – Sonia Peters

Peppers Paints have been in the industry since 2014 and have developed a range of environmentally safe paint used for internal buildings. They have a good reputation for being sustainable and being involved with Planet Ark Environmental Foundation who are an Australian not-for-profit environmental organisation, founded in 1992, which works with the public and businesses alike to help find the simple ways in which they can reduce their impact on the planet, at home, at work and in the community. Peppers Paints have developed a new product they have named “Coffee Cup”.

Your Task

Through your research, you have found this name to have a negative overtone as the recent trend is to reduce the use of the singe use coffee cup. You must arrange a meeting with the staff members to PRESENT to them a new name for their product. Selwyn Myer is an older person who does not deal well with technology and prefers face to face meetings, Sonia Peters only works Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. When arranging the meeting for your presentation, you need to keep these barriers in mind


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