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UNT= University of North Texas

1. Submit an essay (250 words maximum) explaining how this award will assist your ability to receive an education and indicate your career and personal goals.

2. Submit a 500 word essay that describes your motivation for pursuing a college degree and your personal achievements. Include your reasons for applying for this scholarship and your views regarding the importance of living in a society of diverse genders and sexualities. Give examples of how you promote inclusion of all genders and sexualities in your school or community.

3. Submit an essay (250 words) testifying to your survival of breast cancer, or to your parent/guardian’s survival of breast cancer.

4. Write an essay on one or more of the following: (1) activities in which you have been involved that support a culturally diverse population, (2) evidence of socioeconomic hardship you have experienced, and/or (3) personal involvement in life’s hardships and successes. (500 words)

5. Submit an essay of no more than 500 words describing the value of your education as a single parent.

6. Write an essay (250 words) describing a significant setback, challenge or opportunity in your life and the impact that it has had on you.

7. Please describe your educational goals supporting the development of domestic UNT leaders of tomorrow. (500 words)

8. Submit an essay (250 words maximum) describing your outstanding leadership or service within the chapter or the University community at-large.

9. Submit an essay (at least 500 words) describing your academic goals and recent community and/or university involvement.

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