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WRIT306 Assignment 2
Weight: 50%
Length: 2000 words (Word lengths for sub-parts are indicated below.)
Due date:11.59pm Monday 30 May 2022
Submission format:Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf) or PDF (.pdf)

Question 1, Reviewing (I am choosing question 1 which requires part a & b to be answered, I haven’t included question 2 in this request)
The second assignment enables you to demonstrate your understanding of work undertaken in study guides 1-10.
It requires you to develop a writing project based on our work on the further case studies in the study guides on reviewing (Question 1) or on writing for a general audience (Question 2).
If you choose Question 1, you must complete two parts: Part A and Part B.
Question 1, Part A:
Academic Essay Analysis of Reviews (1000 words)
What do you consider are the features of review writing at a professional standard?
Support your answer with unit work on reviewing and on key writing variables, with further research and with reference to two (2) substantial reviews published no earlier than 2019.‘Substantial’ means that the reviews are each at least 700 words long. The reviews can be of films, books, art exhibitions or installations, restaurants, theatre productions or concert performances.
You must attach to your assignment a copy of the reviews that you analyse (do not simply provide a URL).
Notes on choice of reviews
Choose reviews that allow you to make meaningful connections between them. For example, you could choose reviews:

    • from the same source (e.g. the reviews section of a major newspaper, such asThe AustralianorThe Sydney Morning Herald,or the reviews section of an academic journal, or a publication that specialises in reviews, such asThe Australian Book Review),OR
    • that deal with works in ways that allow the exploration of particular themes, issues, or preoccupations,OR
    • that are about the same object or typeof object.

In any case, you should consider the nature of the publication(s) in which the reviews appear as part of their context.
Cite and list sources that inform your Part A essay (the reviews analysed, unit materials and any additional research). Use eitherChicago Author-DateorChicago Footnotingreferencing style.
Question 1, Part B:
Your Own Review and Reflection (1000 words: 700 words for sub-part (i), your review, and 300 words for sub-part (ii), your reflection).You must complete both sub-parts (i) (your own review) AND (ii) (reflection).
(i) Review (700 words)
Write a book review or a film review.The object that you review must have been published or released no earlier than January 2019.
At the top of your review, indicate a target publication for your review.
Notes on choice of object and publication

  • Donotreview an object that you have studied in another unit.
  • You may review an object that was reviewed in one of the pieces you analysed in Part A. However, you would need to change some of the variables (context, structure, style, etc.).
  • You may choose an object or type of object different from what was reviewed in the pieces you analysed in Part A.
  • Your target publication may be the same publication in which one of the pieces you analysed (in Part A) appeared, but it does not need to be.

Whether or not Part B (i) (your own review) requires formal referencing depends on the type of review and its target publication. If formal referencing is appropriate for Part B(i) (your own review), use eitherChicago Author-DateorChicago Footnotingreferencing style.
(ii) Reflection (300 words)
Write a reflection that critically analyses the process of composing your own review. Address the ways in which you negotiated some or all of the key writing variables discussed in the Unit (context, writer, purpose, reader, etc.). As part of that, explain:

    • the subject of your review
    • whatresearchinformed your review. Cite and list sources (published reviews, unit materials and additional research). Use eitherChicago Author-DateorChicago Footnotingreferencing style.

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