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Approaches gementde on customer needs, L and develops and implements strategic quality management. to meeting those goals. long-range customer oper mana strategic quality management have some common elements: a focus , Upperches to strategic quality manag upper management leadership, integrating quality strategies into epartments . Approaches plans, and implementation by line d business . A policy is a nement of the desired result to be achieved within a specified time. Competit ing oreploy”quality goals by dividing them into specific deeds, allocating respon- sibility, and providing resources. a broad guide to action. zations as reference points to develop goals and strategies. ting a quality strategy involves five phases: decide, prepare, start, expand, , A goal isve benchmarking identifies key quality characteristics and uses other lead- and integrate. PROBLEMS 8.1. Select one improvement program that you have observed in an organization. The program of improvement may focus on quality, safety, absenteeism, costs, or other matters. With respect to implementation the program, what were its strengths? What were the weaknesses in implementation? What recommendations would you make to implement an improve ment program in the future?

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