Why didn’t you marry in State Y?

How long have the two of you lived in State Y?

a. Why didn’t you marry in State Y?

b. When did you decide to go to State X?

c Have you or D ever lived in State X?

d. Do you or D have any relatives in State X?

e. Were you or D born in State X?

f. On what date did you and D go to State X?

g. Did you sell your home or move out of your apartment in State Y?

h. When you left State Y, did you intend to come back?

i. After you arrived in State X, when did you apply for a marriage license?

j. On what date were you married?

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What incentive would you offer to encourage participation in the survey?

Why is it important to know what is happening at the state and national level in terms policy, funding, and legislation related to early childhood? 1. How do state and….

What is your belief about how families impact development and how they should be served in your center?

Consider a program that you would most like to direct, and use Radtke’s three questions to develop a mission statement. Be sure to describe the type of population that would….

Where would you prefer to have your child (ren) cared for?

Where would you prefer to have your child (ren) cared for? Near where you work Near where you live Other location: 1. Generally speaking, in selecting an ideal child care….