Who between Jake and Cesar caused the two (2) senior employees’ work discomfort? Why do you think so?


Jake created a small video games company that specializes in creating fighting games similar to Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter and action games like Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. When he started his company a year and a half ago, he never used paper to communicate with his employees. When Jake hires someone, he gives the new employee verbal instructions on what he expects them to do. He calls for a meeting once every week to relay his directives for the whole team. The company’s main office is in Quezon City with 12 employees. Also, six (6) months ago, they won an award for best foreign game in the annual Game Awards for their “Conqueror’s Grip: Blood and Freedom” game, a historical first-person action game that revolves around the life of a Katipunero spy during the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. The Game Awards is a prestigious ceremony honoring the achievements in the video game industry. With that award came forth multiple projects. Jake needed to expand his operations; thus, he established a new office in Makati and hired new employees. He asked his brother Cesar to manage the Makati office and sent his two (2) senior employees to help with the expansion. After a while, the two (2) senior employees began to experience discomfort in Cesar’s management style. They complained about the restrictive policies Cesar are giving them. They are constantly being reprimanded and scolded for the work they are normally doing when they were still in the Quezon City office and as opposed as to how Jake was managing and directing them before. They narrated that Cesar often disregards their suggestions and is very traditional in his managing style. The two (2) employees eventually submitted their resignation letters to Jake. Questions (3 items x 10 points):

1. Is there anything wrong with how Jake managed the business right from the start?

2. Who between Jake and Cesar caused the two (2) senior employees’ work discomfort? Why do you think so?

3. Given the facts, what should Jake do to address these dilemmas?

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