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Q1. Which of the following people are involved in creating technical communication? a.) a company secretary writing a letter to a customer
b.) an electrical engineer filling out a standardized form
c.) a Webmaster revising a company Web page
d.) All of the above
Q2. What topics are included in an operations manual? (a) How the company makes money
(b) Legal issues
(c) New ideas and creativity for employees
(d) All of these are included in an operations manual. Q3. In a technical report which of these must be avoided.
(a) Facts

(b) Logical conclusion (c) Objective evaluation (d) Subjective evaluation
Q4. Which of these is LEAST likely to need a continuously updated manual? (a) A smartphone
(b) A cloud-based application
(c) An operating system
(d) A microwave oven
Q5. Joshua Tangu is writing a series of evaluation reports for the company’s newly formed interdepartmental strategy team. Team members are from a variety of departments and are not universally familiar with the history of the issues or the criterion by which Joshua is evaluating the data. Knowing this, which organizational structure should Joshua use in his report?
(a) Evaluative (b) Summary (c) Traditional (d) Executive
Q6. Where do we find the appendix in a formal report? (a) Appendices are not included in formal reports.
(b) In the front matter
(c) In the back matter
(d) In the text
(e) In the recommendation and conclusion
Q7. Yvonne decides to use the ___ organization in her recommendation report since she knows that her manager wants to read the recommendation right away because he is in meetings most of the week. She also knows that he will go back and read the rest of the supporting detail contained in the report when he has more time and returns to the office next week.
(a) Standard
(b) Management-oriented (c) Executive summary (d) Traditional

Q8. All of the following are true of extemporaneous speaking except which of the following? (a) It emphasizes audience interaction over exact wording.
(b) It includes speaking from key words instead of speaking or reading from memory.
(c) It emphasizes learning to respond to audience feedback.
(d) It is usually chosen when exact timing is a must.
(e) None of these
Q9. What is the accurate representation to show the purpose of a letter?
(a) Please Note: Formal Notice (b) Attention: Formal Notice (c) Subject: Formal Notice
(d) None of these
Q10. The glossary is the list of … (a) References
(b) Diagrams used in the report
(c) Subjects covered in the report.
(d) Technical terms used in the report.
SECTION C –Answer Q1 And Q2 based on this preamble.
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