Which color always represents the baseline in color Doppler imaging?

1.When voltage is applied to the piezoelectric crystal, the crystal will:


a. vibrate

b. increase in size

c. decrease in size

d. increase or decrease according to the polarity

2. The resistance of the arterioles accounts for approximately what percentage of the total systemic resistance?

a. 25%

b. 33%

c. 50%

d. 75%

3. Rayleigh scattering is mostly likely to occur when encountering the:

a. liver

b. pleura

c. diaphragm

d. red blood cells

4. Which color always represents the baseline in color Doppler imaging?

a. red

b. blue

c. white

d. black

5. Which of the following correctly defines acoustic frequency?

a. length of one cycle

b. number of pulses in a cycle

c. number of cycles in a second

d. strength of the compression wave

6. What component is not present in A-mode but is necessary for B-mode imaging?

a. clock

b. display

c. amplifier

d. scan converter

7. Grating lobes are caused by:

a. dynamic focusing

b. reverberation artifact

c. interference phenomenon

d. spacing of the array elements

8. Clutter can be reduced using which of the following controls?

a. wall filter

b. smoothing

c. dynamic range

d. pulse repetition frequency

9. Regions of high density in an acoustic wave are termed:

a. reflections

b. rarefactions

c. transmissions

d. compressions

10. Decibel is the unit of measurement for:

a. intensity

b. pressure

c. amplitude

d. compression

11. Transmission of the sound wave from one medium to the next is determined by the media’s:

a. density

b. stiffness

c. impedance

d. propagation speed

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