Whats the role of Human resource management and communication

In any organization, internal cultural environment plays a crucial role to keep the external environment in the company’s favour. Human resource management and communication are the deciding factors behind an organization’s success as a corporate citizen.


Among various elements, confrontation and negotiation are crucial for managing human resource and stakeholders’ relationship. For internal organizational scenario, the potential conflicts between the management and the work force needs frequent confrontation and negotiation to avoid disruption of business function. On the other hand, conflicts rising between an organization and its stakeholders including investors, shareholders, supply and distribution units and the consumers also need confrontation between the concerned parties to reach to a mutually agreeable negotiation (Osimiri, 2017). Since an organizational function might have different implications for different beneficiaries, conflicts are inevitable. For instance, a particular group of service consumers may have issues about a product’s marketing or distribution process. A particular distribution channel may have some complications due to an organization’s changed rules or regulations. In all of such instances, the organization’s managerial representatives need to communicate with the disputing party in order to deliver an agreeable end-decision. Such communications are known as confrontation and the decision reached is known as negotiation. Naturally, a specific kind of set up, provision for participation by all parties concerned, a civil discourse on the problem and the solution are integral parts of negotiation (Balj & Maric, 2019). Similar situations of conflicts and resentment may occur in the internal organizational environment due to a managerial decision that does not go well with employees. When the management does not indulge in finding out a mutual solution, the complications keep growing which finally takes a huge form of protests and large-scale resentment leading to loss of productivity or even collapse of the services.


Evidently, regular communication with all stakeholders helps in understanding the possibilities of conflicts and find out solutions much before a larger negative consequence may take place.

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