What were these forces that led Lincoln to issue his Emancipation Proclamation?

HIST147 Lincoln’s Journey to Emancipation (10 Points)

Due: May 20 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)




Students should read the article, “Lincoln’s Journey to Emancipation” (located in the “Week Seven” module) and write a response to the two assignment questions below.


The response for each question should be at least 150 words. Students are welcome to go over the minimum word count requirement. If you include the question in your response, it does not count toward the word count requirement. The response should be written in complete sentences. The response should be written in your own words. DO NOT use quotes from the article.


These responses will be evaluated on how well the responses reflect the information presented in the article.


Students should submit their responses as ONE Word doc or PDF file to Canvas.


Assignment Questions


1. Oates says that the pressures and problems of fighting a civil war caused Lincoln to finally hurl an executive fist at slavery. What were these forces that led Lincoln to issue his Emancipation Proclamation?


2. Many of Lincoln’s contemporaries as well as later scholars accused him of having made an empty gesture with his Emancipation Proclamation. How does Oates answer these accusations?

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