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Persuasive Essay: Operation Geronimo

Analyze and evaluate the major points of your case study for research to write your persuasive essay. Use your time to develop a deep understanding of your topic to fully explain your stance on the topic. You are required to give an in depth introduction of your topic. Provide transitional sentences from one topic to the next. Then develop the body of the paper fully using no less than 3 full pages and no more than 5 pages, this does not include the APA format title and references page. Finally, provide a summative conclusion. Provide a total of two references for your references page. Ensure you use arial 12 point font and the current APA Writing Style.


What law did the Missouri State state legislature enact that threatened to derail its admittance to the Union and the entire Missouri Compromise?

After the War of 1812, the nation was enjoying its first real sense of nationhood. It is ironic, then, that in those years a situation would be created that seemed to permanently split the nation in two. Slavery had been a contentious issue ever since the founding of the nation. The importance of slavery to the agrarian economies of the southern states had been “the firebell in the night” that had so worried a slaveholding Thomas Jefferson, who also publicly disapproved of slavery. But as southern land was depleted, southerners moved to new regions and brought slavery with them. If those territories became states, as was expected, slave states would outnumber free states, and that prospect unleashed a fury of emotion on both sides. Forty years before the….

Short Response: Why Does History Matter?

The video “What is History For?” argues that history matters because it provides solutions to the problems of the present. Recall the statement “Those who don’t know history won’t be able to improve the present.” Consider a recent event, either in your personal life or in the news. In a few sentences, describe a way that a past historical event could inform your understanding of the recent event. Briefly describe a strategy for how you could be conscious of presentism (the use of modern values to interpret past events) in the study of those past events.


In two to three sentences, respond to the following prompt.

The video “What is History For?” argues that history matters because it provides solutions to the problems of the present. Recall….

Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenement Housing

This assignment gives you the chance to examine primary resources, formulate and develop your thoughts and respond to questions.


· Download the materials below.

· Respond to all of the questions within the ‘Historical Challenge Jacob Riis and Tenement Housing’ Answer Sheet. Be sure to save your document and upload the file when you are ready to submit your assignment for grading.

. Do not submit your answers in the Comment section of the assignment area.

· Your grade of 32.5 points will be based on your complete responses to each of the questions.

· Do not simply copy/paste from the Internet. Read over the information and formulate your own thoughts.

· Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

· Questions? Please let me know.


PRESENTATION – This PowerPoint presentation contains….

Historical Context And Introduction Project

Instructions Finalize your previous work from Progress Checks 1 and 2 for Project 2: Historical Context and Introduction in a single Word document file. Submit the complete document here for instructor feedback. To complete this assignment, review the Project 2 Historical Context and Introduction Guidelines and Rubric document.



“If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” 


Your second project in this course is to complete a historical context and introduction project. The work you did on the Topic Exploration Worksheet in Theme 1 will directly support your work on this project as well as your third longer term project—the multimedia presentation—due in Theme 4.

One of the prime benefits of studying history is that it allows us to learn about who we are and where….

Discussion: Revisiting History

Over the course of this class, you have been introduced to the study of history. You have learned why it matters as a subject, how historians practice their craft and share their knowledge, and how events are shaped by their larger historical context. By this learning block, you have learned the value of examining historical events for their impact on contemporary issues. We are closing this class by asking you, once again, why is history important?

In learning block 1-2, it was noted that history means different things to different people. In learning block 1-3, you considered why history matters. For years, those who study the past have put forth arguments on why they do what they do. Famous for his sixteenth-century work The Prince, Italian diplomat Niccolò Machiavelli….

George the III’s letter

Discussion 1


Answers must be meaningful and relevant; please do not respond by simply saying “I agree” or “I disagree” without explanation.

George the III Read George the III’s letter. What is his main theme in the letter? What is his determination about the results of the war in terms of commerce? How does the letter differ from what you would expect the monarch of a country that has just lost an important part of its empire to be concerned with? Do you agree with his judgments? Why or Why not?

Consider the way violence is described in the Iliad, and the way the characters respond to acts of violence. From what we have read, is violence accepted and supported in this culture, or is it opposed?

Choose one of the following questions and write a 400 word answer on it.

1. We might expect to find quite a few examples of courageous and honorable behavior among the heroes of the TrojanWar. Surely, we see these within the Iliad, but we also see much that seems less than virtuous or wise. Comment.

2. Much of what happens in the ancient world of the Iliad seems to be beyond the control of a mere mortal. Fate or thegods, or sometimes more powerful men and women, intervene and change things. Everyone else is simply along for theride. Or, at least it seems that way sometimes. Perhaps not. Is there anything like genuine free will and the possibility forindividual choices and destinies to exist within this ancient world? Explain.

3. Consider….

Research Plan Preparation

HIS 100 4-2 Short Response: Research Plan Preparation Worksheet


Prompt: Applying what you learned about narrowing research questions, revise your research questions from your Topic Exploration Worksheet. In the tables below, list the original question, the revised version of that question, and one to two sentences explaining how you approached your revisions for that question to give your instructor insight on your revision process. Then, answer the question about your primary sources below the tables.


Research Question 1:

Original Question Revised Question Which role does south African Apartheid policy play? What was the impact of Apartheid in South Africa? Write 1-2 sentences explaining how you approached your revisions for the question above.

In revising the original question I opted to focus on a more general topic…..

Reading Guide To Timothy Brook’s Vermeer’s Hat

Reading guide to Timothy Brook’s Vermeer’s Hat Each chapter of Timothy Brook’s book Vermeer’s Hat is about something depicted in a painting by the seventeenth-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (or one of his contemporaries) and that were examples of items that were part of global trade in that era. Brook says he chose these items for “the hints of broader historical forces that lurk in their details.” (page 7)

chapter 1: Holland in the 1660s chapter 2: fur trade in Canada in the 1630s chapter 3: porcelain in China in the 1650s chapter 4: geographical knowledge, early anthropology, religions & Christianity chapter 5: tobacco from North America chapter 6: silver from Potosí chapter 7: slave trade, immigration chapter 8: summary of book (especially pages 222–224)

As you read….