What travel tips are provided for our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico?

Site name: U.S. Department of State

URL: www.state.gov/

Background information: The Department of State leads the United States in its relationships with foreign governments, international organizations, and the people of other countries. It aims to provide a more free, prosperous, and secure world.


a. What international travel services/information does the U.S. Department of State provide on its Web site?

b. The Department of State issues “Consular Information Sheets” for every country of the world. What information is contained on these information sheets and why is it valuable for an international traveler?

c. What travel tips does the Department of State issue for the following groups of Americans when they travel abroad:

i. Older Americans

ii. Students

iii. Women traveling alone

iv. Travelers with disabilities

d. What travel tips are provided for our neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico?

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